New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle mechanics revealed in leaked footage

Fans of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle were supposed to get their first big taste at New York Comic Con this year, but mere days before the convention a video of a full match leaked to Twitter. By dissecting this video frame by frame, we can gain some insight into how Arc System Works’ game plays and what we can expect from upcoming builds. Let’s take a look.

Ruby Rose

 Ruby from RWBY was teased in the official reveal trailer, but we get to see her in action in the leak. She appears to be the “jack of all trades” character on the RWBY side of the cast. Her scythe normal attacks have disjointed hit-boxes and reach a fair distance across the screen. Some of her jumping scythe attacks extend her hit-box behind her, making them good for cross-ups. Notably, she also has a vertical scythe swing and multiple hits on her horizontal scythe swings while in mid-air. Her vertical swing appears to be a decent air-to-ground move or even an aerial combo ender.  She also has a spinning aerial slash that does multiple hits; similar to Zero’s in MVCI.

True to the show, she can also fire projectiles from her scythe. They appear to be hit-scan projectiles or, at the very least, fast enough to be unable to tell the difference. Unfortunately they appear to cause very little blockstun, making them more of a punishment tool than a zoning tool. It’s possible that these projectile capabilities are mapped to a fourth “drive” button as we see her use them at the end of combos. She has some sort of dashing special move that lets her cross up the opponent on hit or block. We see her use her kit to mix up the opponent when used in tandem with a Ragna assist. She also has an aerial dive-kick special but we don’t get to see it hit. The only super we get to see is a forward diving drill attack which continues into a small multi-hit cinematic when it lands.

Unfortunately, her voice clips are very…squeaky. I know it falls in line with her character from the show, but hopefully the voice director can tone that down for the final release. At the very least they don’t have to trigger the clips every time she uses a scythe attack.

General System Mechanics

On the whole, Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle plays almost identically to many of Arc System Works’ other sprite based games.

Movement is fairly straight forward. Every character has a run, an invincible back dash, a super jump, a double jump, an air-dash, and air-backdash. I’m sure it’s possible that certain characters, such as the big and heavy grapplers, won’t have runs or air-dashes, but for now every member of the cast follows this pattern.

Move canceling also operates similar to other ASW games. Characters appears to have a light, medium, and heavy attack that chain into each other, as well as a fourth special button that activates drives for Blazblue characters. It’s unclear how the control scheme will change for Persona and Under-Night characters, who don’t have drives. We will likely figure out more at NYCC this year. Anyway, these buttons can cancel into each other in ascending order. Any normal move can cancel into a special or super, and any special can cancel into a super. Certain moves can be jump or dash canceled as well, both on the ground and in the air.

The meter system is a little weird. The main meter at the bottom of the screen isn’t actually your super meter, but rather your tag meter. This meter fills rapidly whenever you are in neutral or are attacking but stops filling when you are getting hit. You spend half of the meter to call in an assist. This means you can do two assist calls in rapid succession without waiting for a recharge. Each character has multiple assists to choose from. We see Ragna use Hell’s Fang and Dead Spike, and Jin used both his ice projectile and what appears to be a meterless version of his counter super. Tagging doesn’t actually require use of the meter and appears to be near instant, provided you are on the ground and in neutral.

The super meter is the little orange diamond next to the tag meter. It can fill to three levels. A level can be spent on supers and a second level can be spent to tag from one super to another. On the other side of the tag meter is a purple diamond that slowly fills as you use your assists. When a character dies, this and the tag meter turns into the Resonance Blaze meter. By activating Resonance Blaze your character powers up. It appears as if Blazblue characters gain all the attributes of their Overdrive modes, though it is unclear what boost other characters will get. Your tag meter also starts burning away, converting itself into super meter. You can gain more than the maximum three bars through Resonance Blaze. It’s currently unclear whether or not this can also be used as a burst.

That’s all the information we have right now. Be sure to come back for more Blazblue Cross Tag Battle details after we see the full demo at the New York Comic Con.