More Street Fighter V Season 2 details leaked in accidental beta

Something very weird happened yesterday for PC players of Street Fighter V. For a short period of time, anyone could go into the “betas” tab of their game properties and download an early beta for Street Fighter V Season 2, set to come out next week. Of course, dataminers immediately got to work and a few new and interesting features were found out.

Rage-Quit Penalties

Inside the data were several new icons related to rage-quitting. One icon seemed to be plastered next to your name if you habitually rage-quit, while another seemed to be a reward for not rage-quitting at all. It looks like this new system will allow people to seek out opponents who will play with good sportsmanship. In addition, several text warnings were found that will notify rage-quitters that ending matches early will limit their ability to match-make in the future.  Even a single rage-quit will result in LP reductions and a matchmaking timeout. Players will also be matched up against other players with similar rage-quit icons. Players with a spotless record can be assured that their opponents will stick the match out, while rage-quitters will be unlikely to ever finish a match again.


While it took a bit of technical knowhow to find, the full character files for Akuma were available in the beta. Players were able to swap him in for an existing character, much as they did Urien when the Street Fighter V story patch went live. Though the beta server has been taken offline after the leak, anyone who saved Akuma’s files can still perform a character swap in order to play with him in offline mode.


Players can now change the music that they hear in the background during different modes including versus, training, ranked, and casual matches. You can tie music to characters, stages, players, play music at random, or you can just choose your favorite music to jam out to. Expect a lot of players to be listening to Guile’s theme on loop.

In addition, full themes for Akuma, Akuma’s stage, and the new Christmas-themed stage have been leaked.


Season 2 of Street Fighter V will finally support both DirectInput and XInput. This means the game is now opened up to all sorts of third-party arcade sticks, as well as legacy arcade sticks. It also means that you can custom bind your buttons in the game without using a third party program, using a controller converter, or otherwise introducing input latency. This was one of the biggest complaints PC users had with the game and it’s good to see it’s finally fixed.

Balance Changes

Characters have been massively changed from Season 1. However, these changes are not final and the official changes will be made public next week. If you are interested in the pages and pages of frame data that has been unearthed so far, then check out this Reddit thread.

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