Monster Hunter: World: How to turn your Palico into Mega Man

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is still going strong with its slate of free downloadable content, and the most recent quest allows hunters to dress their Palicos up as a pixelly version of Mega Man. The outfit not only looks sharp but has decent stats, so it’s well worth your time to collect the materials and craft your sidekick a set. There’s even a Mega Buster Palico weapon to complete the look. Read on and we’ll tell you exactly how to get the materials, and some advanced strategies to make the quest a little easier.

The Mega Man Palico outfit requires you to earn Mega Man tickets, which are rewards from a limited-time Event quest called “A Rush of Blood” (the quest ends on April 27, 2018). To gain access to the event you’ll need to have unlocked the right to tackle seven star quests, so you’ll need to be pretty close to the end of the main storyline. You can find the quest under the Events tab of the Handler’s journal, or at any quest board throughout Astera.

The quest itself is rather straightforward, and asks you to defeat two Odogaron in the arena. Odogaron are reddish, canine monsters native to the Rotten Vale, and they can be quite nasty if you come at them unprepared. The Odogaron you’ll encounter in the arena are normal except that the first you’ll fight is much smaller than normal, and the second is much larger. Their hitboxes are adjusted to reflect this change in size, so the smaller one will have a decreased range of attack and the larger one will be able to hit you from farther away than you might be used to. Both deal normal damage however, so don’t underestimate the first one just because it’s small.

Odogaron deal heavy damage with their claws and fangs, and can cause the Bleeding effect if you’re hit by one of their attacks. Bleeding is very dangerous since you’ll take extra damage when you try to evade while affected by the debuff. Unlike most ailments, Bleeding can’t be repaired by a Nulberry. Instead, you’ll need to use a Sushifish Scale or an Astera Jerky to repair the damage. The Scales can be obtained by catching fish in nearly any body of water, and the Jerky can be purchased from the Provisions master in Astera for 49 Zenny apiece. Make sure to add some to your inventory before attempting the quest.

If you don’t want to mess with inventory items, a couple of the armor sets can reduce or nullify the Bleeding effect. The Odogaron helm reduces Bleeding, and so do some armor pieces in the Radobaan set. You can also add Suture Jewels to your slotted armor if you’ve managed to find any on your travels.

Odogaron are especially weak to Ice and Paralysis attacks, so you may want to bring a weapon that will take advantage of one of these weaknesses. High level Ice weapons can be crafted by using Legiana or Diablos parts. The Legiana Coil also increases the damage dealt by Ice weapons, so consider crafting one of these belts if you haven’t already.

Once you beat on an Odogaron for a while, it will run away to consume any meat it can find, including its own tail if you’ve managed to sever it. Take advantage of this by bringing along some Tinged, Poisoned, or Drugged Meat. These can be crafted by combining a Raw Meat with a Toadstool, a Parashroom, or a Sleep Herb respectively.

If you take too long to defeat the small Odogaron, the large one may be released before you’re ready for it. To keep the large one from engaging, try to keep the smaller beast at the close end of the arena, on the side that has the small ledge. Failure to do so may mean you’ll end up fighting both Odogaron at once, which makes the battle much more difficult.

Completing the quest will reward you with one to three Mega Man tickets, so you’ll need to complete it at least twice to earn enough materials for both the armor and the weapon. The Mega Man armor for your Palico can be found at the Forge by selecting “Forge Palico Equipment” and then “Full Armor Sets.” The set can only be crafted and worn together, and crafting the armor will cost three of the tickets and 1000 research points. The armor provides your cat sidekick with 351 physical defense, and offers a well-balanced array of elemental resistances, boosting each type by six points.

The Mega Buster can be found at the Forge by selecting “Forge Palico Equipment” and finding it near the bottom of the High Rank weapon list. Crafting the weapon costs two Mega Man tickets and 500 research points. The Buster is a blunt weapon with 40 attack, no elemental properties and no boost to its affinity, so you’ll probably have something better already by the time you can craft it. It really does help complete the look though, and there are some extra 8-bit effects shown on-screen when your Palico attacks with it.

The A Rush of Blood quest is available from now through April 27 in both the Xbox and PS4 versions of Monster Hunter: World. If you have the PS4 version, the Spring Blossom Fest offers another opportunity to earn the Aloy armor from Horizon: Zero Dawn. If you haven’t earned this armor set yet, check out our guide. The festival ends April 19.

The blocky costume adds some neat features to your game, including special sounds when your Palico restores its health and performs other actions. It takes a little getting used to seeing Mega Man lick his arm when idle or drop to all fours to catch up with you, but it’s pretty cool regardless.