Monster Hunter: World: How to get Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy and her bow

Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the PS4’s best exclusives last year, and Monster Hunter: World has been the biggest success of 2018 so far. Both games share an emphasis on hunting beasts many times your own size and crafting stuff out of their remains, so it only made sense to let the two games cross over. Last night, a new quest was added allowing PS4 Hunters to dress their avatar up like Aloy, the heroine of HZD, and you can even craft her bow. Read on and we’ll let you know exactly what to do if you’d like your Monster Hunter avatar to look like Horizon’s protagonist.

The Proving

"The Proving" quest will only be available until March 15, 2018 and is only available to Monster Hunter World players on the PS4. To start the quest, you’ll need to have unlocked High Rank hunts and be at least Hunter Rank 11. You can find the quest under the “Events” tab in your Handler’s notebook, as seen below. The task is pretty straightforward: you must travel to the Ancient Forest and hunt a high-rank Anjanath, the pink T-rex with a built in flamethrower and a nasty disposition. During this quest no other large monsters will spawn, so you don’t need to worry about Bazelgeuse swooping down and ruining your fun.

You’ve certainly encountered Anjanath by now, it’s the monster that usually gives new players their first major challenge. While it’s quite a challenge on its own, the quest version has a couple of new tricks you’ll need to watch out for when it becomes enraged. First, be aware that its flamethrower attack deals significantly more damage than you might be expecting. Even with high fire resistance and defense, a direct hit can one-shot an unprepared hunter. The other new trick this Anjanath has available is a ground tremor similar to Diablos that will keep you from attacking for a few seconds. It will try to use this right before the flame jet, so if it feels like your movement is sluggish, evade as quickly as you can.

Conquering the Anjanath will yield a special item called “Nora Brave Trophy” in addition to whatever you earn by defeating the monster. You may get a second one if you’re lucky, but this seems to be randomized. In any case, you’ll definitely have to run this hunt more than once in order to earn the entire Aloy set.

Crafting the items

Once you’ve collected a few of the Nora Brave Trophies, you’ll be able to visit the workshop and forge Aloy’s set. The armor shows up under a special tab called “Full Armor Sets” and can only be crafted and worn as a complete set, meaning you can’t mix and match this gear with your other equipment.  Crafting the set costs 30,000 Zenny and a lot of high rank Anjanath parts, as you can see above. You’ll need fourteen high rank pelts, six high rank nosebones, and an Anjanath Gem in addition to the four Nora Brave Trophies. The Gem will probably be the hardest piece to come by, but keep running the hunt and you’ll get one eventually.

The armor set starts with 43 defense on each slot, though this can be upgraded with armor spheres if you’re at a higher rank than the quest. The set grants +5 to each type of element resistance, so it’s decent general use armor with no real strengths or weaknesses.

In addition to the Aloy armor, you can craft her bow using the same process. It has reasonably good affinity, has a slot for a decoration built in, and deals Thunder damage. To build it, select “Forge Weapons” and at the very bottom of the Bow tree, you’ll see Aloy’s bow as a new crafting option. Creating the bow will cost you 16,000 Zenny, two of the Nora Brave Trophies, three high rank Anjanath Fangs, five Monster Keenbones, and an Anjanath Plate.  The plate is a rare drop but can be obtained from low rank Anjanath, so you can switch to a low rank expedition if you’re having trouble finding one.

If you’ve gotten far enough along in the story, the bow can be upgraded to “Aloy’s War Bow.”  This upgrade costs 32,000 Zenny, three more Nora Brave Trophies, seven High-rank Anjanath Scales, three Elder Dragon Bones, and a Wyvern Gem. Upgrading the bow adds 10 percent affinity, increases the attack, and allows a higher rank decoration to be placed.

General tips

Try to sever the Anjanath’s tail and make sure to carve it before you finish the quest. This will significantly increase your chances of earning a gem or plate. You can also break the Anjanath’s head and claws to earn extra drops at the end of the fight.

Do your best to capture the Anjanath rather than killing them, as you’ll receive more materials at the end of the hunt. When the Anjanath is limping or has a skull over its icon on the minimap, use a shock or pitfall trap, then hit it with a few tranquilizer bombs.

If you’re soloing the quest, make sure your Palico has the Plunderblade equipped. This gadget can be earned in the Rotten Vale and lets your cat sidekick steal materials from the monsters you’re fighting. It’ll also cause pieces of the monster to fall off occasionally, so make sure to pick these up before chasing the Anjanath.

Water element weapons work particularly well against the Anjanath. If you don’t have a good one yet, try hunting some Jyuratodus in the Wildspire wastes until you can craft one. This will also serve you well against several of the elder dragons you’ll encounter in the midgame, like Teostra and Zorah Magdaros.