Monster Hunter: World: How to get Dante’s outfit from Devil May Cry

Monster Hunter: World continues to get new content on a regular basis, and the most recent update introduced a quest which allows high rank hunters to dress as Dante from the Devil May Cry series. There’s also a brand new weapon based on his signature Rebellion sword.

The stylish red leather overcoat is far more useful than some of the other outfits already added to the game, so read on and we’ll fill you in on how to obtain a set of Dante’s duds for your own. The quest is available until May 10, so you’ve got a little over a week to gear up and do some demon hunting.

Let’s Rock

Just like Aloy’s outfit and the Ryu costume, Dante’s armor is earned through an Event quest. Visit your handler or one of the quest boards throughout Astera, and choose the “Code: Red” quest under the events tab. You’ll have to be at least Hunter Rank 14 to accept this quest, so you’ll need to be pretty close to the end of the game before you can make an attempt.

Code: Red is an arena quest, and your hunter will fight four carmine monsters in succession. You’ll need to be prepared to defeat an Anjanath, a Odogaron, a Rathalos, and a Teostra in an enclosed space. None of the monsters have any special abilities beyond their normal attacks, but the close quarters do require a slightly different strategy than fighting them in the field.

Monsters in the arena will never run away to lick their wounds, so you’ll have to heal and maintain your gear in between fights. Fortunately, there’s about 30 seconds after beating each where you’ll get a chance to sharpen your weapons, heal damage, and carve the corpse of the monster you just defeated.

Only one monster will appear at a time, so you shouldn’t need to worry about fending off more than you can handle. You won’t get a chance to resupply or change gear between battles though, so you’ll have to bring everything you need for all four fights along with you. In the next section we’ll go over what gear works best for each stage of the fight.


Three of the four creatures you’ll be facing can breathe fire, and Teostra will constantly launch fire attacks while you’re fighting him. Armor with good fire resistance can be extremely helpful here, and it’s not a bad idea to bring the Fireproof Mantle along. For your other specialized tool, the damage absorbing Vitality Mantle is always a good choice, or you can bring the Health or Affinity Booster if you plan on doing this quest in a group.

Armor made from Teostra parts tends to combine fire resistance with good stats, or you can equip Anjanath, Rathalos, Urugaan or Zorah Magdaros armor if you want to save your Teostra parts for Dante’s set. If you catch fire during a fight don’t forget you can dodge roll to put it out, or use a Nulberry to quench the flames immediately.

Weapon selection is probably the most important thing to consider. Anjanath and Teostra are weak to Water and Ice attacks, and Odogaron and Rathalos are weak to Thunder. Rathalos takes extra damage from the Dragon element, but Odogaron resists it. Since Odogaron is also weak to Ice and Rathalos takes normal damage from Ice attacks, you’ll probably do best if you bring along an Ice element weapon. Most Ice weapons don’t offer Elderseal capabilities though, so be prepared for a tough fight with Teostra at the end.

This will be a long, protracted fight, and you’ll need to be ready to go for a long time and re-buff yourself if you fall in battle. Bring extra Demondrug and Armorskin potions, as well as Mega Nutrients, Max Potions, and Well-Done Steak to get your health and stamina back up if you fall. You may want to bring extra Herbs and Honey along so you can craft more than 10 Mega Potions, and bring extra Flashbugs so you can use up to 13 flash pods.

The Rathalos will do its best to poison you, so bring some Antidotes or Herbal Medicine to neutralize it. You can also bring Herbal Powder if you’re playing in a group to neutralize poison for the entire party. Likewise, the Odogaron will probably cause you to bleed at least once. You can bring Sushifish scales or Astera Jerky to stop the bleeding, or just crouch for a few seconds without attacking to remove the debuff.

The three creatures preceding Teostra can all be captured if you bring along traps and Tranquilizer bombs, but you won’t get an indication that they’re vulnerable except what your eyes tell you. It’s possible to capture these monsters for extra drops, but you may have an easier time if you just slay them. Similarly, it’s technically possible to put Teostra to sleep and place bombs by him, but doing so is very difficult. You’ll probably have a much easier time completing this quest if you don’t try to get too fancy with it.


The Anjanath shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge if you’re this far into the game, and it rarely uses its breath weapon anyway. Save your Mantles for later fights and try to take it out without using too many of your flash pods and healing items. Don’t let it corner you, and take advantage of the terrain to use jumping or sliding attacks depending on what side of the arena you’re fighting on.

The Odogaron is the fastest monster you’ll face, but this one’s not too tough compared to the two encountered in the Mega Man quest. Try to attack from the sides or behind to avoid the slashing attacks it makes with its front claws. If you begin bleeding, break off your attack and treat it immediately.

Odogaron will eat any meat it sees, so you can throw Poisoned, Tinged, or Drugged Meat out ahead of time to inflict it with status ailments. These can be crafted by combining a Raw Meat with a Toadstool, a Parashroom, or a Sleep Herb respectively. You may want to use the Vitality Mantle during this fight to lessen the chance of bleeding, and it should have a chance to refresh before you need it for Teostra.

Rathalos is the only flying creature you’ll face, and the only one which attacks using poison. Fire Flash Pods at its face to keep it near the ground, and do your best to sever the tail so it’ll lose access to its poison barb. If you’re poisoned, use your Antidote to end the affliction before the damage over time can finish you off. Herbal Medicine is especially useful since it counteracts the poison and also heals you for a small amount.

Teostra isn’t much different from the versions you may have fought in Elder’s Recess or the Wildspire Wastes. That being said, the small area you’ll fight him in means there’s a much better chance the ground you stand on will be on fire. Use your Fireproof Mantle during this stage to nullify this advantage.

The greyish skin on his underside is hard and will take reduced damage from melee attacks, dulling your weapon more quickly than usual. Attacks to the head or Teostra’s armpits deal full damage, so try to land your strikes there. Watch out for the exploding powder Teostra sends out, and be ready to run if it begins using a Nova attack. This can be absorbed by the Vitality Mantle, or interrupted by a Flash Pod if you have any left.

Defeating all four creatures will win you some extra monster parts and at least one Red Orb, the catalyst needed to craft Dante’s gear. You’ll need five of these orbs to craft the entire Dante set, and two to make the sword. While it’s possible to get more than one Red Orb on a successful completion of Code: Red, you’ll probably have to run the event at least three or four times to complete the set.


Each piece of the Dante armor can be equipped individually, unlike the previous Aloy and Ryu armor sets. This makes it far more useful since you can mix and match it with your other gear to maximize its benefit. It also means you don’t necessarily have to have all the components in hand before you can start crafting pieces of the outfit.

All of the armor is crafted with materials from the monsters you were just fighting in the arena. Most of the pieces are easy to come by, but you may have trouble finding plates or the Teostra Gem needed for the boots. If you’re having difficulty finding a specific item, select an Investigation quest targeting that creature, and try to choose one with silver and gold rewards.

You’ll have a much higher chance of receiving the drop you’re looking for as a quest reward than by simply repeating the arena quest over and over again. Try to capture the creatures alive instead of killing them, and bring your Palico’s Plunderblade if possible to increase the drops you receive at the end of the quest.

  • Dante’s hair requires one Red Orb, five Rathalos Scale+, five Odogaron Scale+, and five Anjanath Scale+.
  • His Coat takes one Red Orb, six Odogaron Sinew+, four Odogaron Claw+, and one Odogaron Plate.
  • The Gloves need one Red Orb, six Anjanath Pelt+, four Anjanath fang+, and one Anjanath Plate.
  • Dante’s Belt costs one Red Orb, six Rathalos Carapace, three Rathalos Wings, and one Rathalos Plate.
  • The Leather Boots are the hardest armor piece to create and will cost one Red Orb, six Teostra Carapace, Three Teostra Webbing, and one Teostra Gem.
  • Finally, Dante’s Devil Sword is found under the Charge Blade category, and requires two Red Orbs, an Anjanath Gem, an Odogaron Gem, and four Teostra Manes.

All of these materials are quite rare, so crafting the sword requires a serious commitment of resources.

Equipping the armor will change the look of your slinger to resemble Dante’s Demon arm, and the full set provides good defense against Fire, Thunder and Dragon elements. It starts at 321 physical defense, and can be upgraded using orbs if your Hunter Rank is high enough.

The full set works best for a close-range attacker, giving bonuses to Weakness Exploit and enhancing your Evade Window. It also looks cool as hell, so don’t miss out on this one. You have until May 10 to get Red Orbs from the Code: Red quest, so make sure to grab some before you miss your chance.