Monster Hunter World’s Summer Twilight Festival adds bikinis, fireworks, and a chance to catch up

Monster Hunter: World is hosting a summer party, and Hunters around the world are logging in to find a beach-themed celebration in their favorite dragon murder simulator. The Summer Twilight Festival adds several new features to the game and gives lapsed Hunters a fantastic reason to return and see what they might have missed during their absence. Like all Monster Hunter events, this festival is temporary and will only be around until July 26. Read on and we’ll let you know all about what’s been added, and what to check out during the festival.

What’s new

The Summer Twilight Festival is held in the Gathering Hub, the section at the top of Astera where you can interact with other Hunters. If you haven’t been there before, you can reach it by riding the chains to the top of the city or by entering the archway to the right of the Canteen. The area got a beautiful makeover for the event, and all the NPCs in the area changed clothes to better match their surroundings. Not to be left out, the Handler and your pet pig both have new outfits to show off as well.

Visiting at nighttime will let you enjoy the fireworks display, and there’re lots of banners and colorful additions to the ship to appreciate during the day. Make sure to check out the Rathalos ice sculpture featured in the restaurant, and take advantage of the Summer Twilight Platter meal. This will raise your HP and Stamina by 50, boost Attack moderately and Defense slightly, and has a high chance of extra effects since it uses all fresh ingredients.

The Summer Twilight Platter is well worth the trip to the Gathering Hub, but it’s not the only benefit for Hunters. Vendors all over the city will occasionally offer discounts of 50% on whatever services or goods they provide. You’ll be able to tell if the vendor you’re talking to is having a sale because there will be a sideways commendation medal next to their offerings. Participating vendors include the Canteen, the Elder Melder, the Botanical Researcher (e.g. item farm), and the Provisioner, so it’s a great time to stock up on items you can only buy such as Trap Tools, Astera Jerky, and Barrel Bombs. Unfortunately the Workshop doesn’t participate, so you won’t be able to get a discount on your next weapon or piece of armor.

New gear

Every summer vacation should come with a few souvenirs, and the Summer Twilight Festival adds several pieces of new gear to help you remember the good times.

Logging in daily during the festival will net you a Summer Twilight Ticket, a Twilight Fireworks cosmetic item, and two Lucky Vouchers per day. The Summer Twilight Tickets can be used to craft a new set of Hunter armor as well as a set of Summer-themed Palico gear. If you end up with extras after crafting everything you want, the tickets can also be turned in to the Elder Melder for more fireworks.

The Diver Alpha set is a high-rank armor set with the appearance of a wetsuit and SCUBA mask. It offers superb defense against the Water element and reasonable protection against Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Dragon attacks. Unfortunately Water beasts aren’t really a concern in Monster Hunter: World, so you probably won’t get much use out of the armor. Still, the Diver set is kind of fun to play around with. It’s probably as close as we’ll get to a Mortal Kombat crossover, as the outfits bear a passing resemblance to Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

To craft the set, you’ll need five Summer Twilight tickets, 30,000 Zenny, seven Carbalite Ore, and five Quality Bones. Each piece can be crafted individually if you don’t want the entire set or don’t have enough tickets saved up. All five pieces provide 46 defense apiece when crafted and offer a single attribute bonus, listed below. Each comes with a level two decoration slot with the exception of the Diver’s Belt, which has no slots.

  • Diver’s Mask -Marathon Runner
  • Diver’s Suit - Critical Eye
  • Diver’s Bracers - Quick Sheath
  • Diver’s Belt – Aquatic Expert
  • Diver’s Boots – Hunger Resistance

There’s a Low Rank version of the Diver’s set as well, but it provides much lower defense and no slots for decorations. Each section of the Low Rank Diver’s set has 22 defense and the same benefits as the High Rank version. Every piece of this armor set will cost one ticket, 1500 Zenny, and a Coral Crystal.

Your Palico can also benefit from the Summer Twilight Tickets. Both Low and High rank versions of the Aloha set can be crafted using these tickets, and they’ll let your cat sidekick wear a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat just like the Palicoes in the Gathering Hub. The weapon for this set is a cat-themed Ukelele, but we’re not sure if it sounds like El Kabong when it makes contact with a monster.

To craft the Palico Aloha gear, you’ll need a Summer Twilight Ticket and an Earth Crystal (for Low Rank) or a Dragonvein Crystal (for High Rank) for each piece you’d like to construct. The Ukelele is a blunt Water element weapon, and the beachwear will give your Palico decent Water defense. Like the Dive suit there really aren’t too many reasons to wear the Aloha gear into battle, but it’s fun to show off to other Hunters in the Gathering Hub.

Goldilocks and the Three Great Jagras

Non-Japanese Monster Hunter: World players get their first chance at the USJ questline, a welcome addition for completionists. This quest was previously only available to attendees of Universal Studios Japan who received a code to unlock it after riding the Monster Hunter attraction at the Osaka theme park. Since Monster Hunter: World was only released on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, this is the first time Xbox One players have ever had access to this questline. It was meant to be a very early quest, so the gear it provides isn’t especially useful. It does have a unique look however, and you can earn a special Longsword or dress up your Palico by completing the quest a few times.

You’ll find the quest under Events, and it’s called “USJ: Gold Star Treatment.” All you need to do is defeat three Great Jagras in the Arena, and you can use whatever items and gear you want. It’s a very low rank quest, so unless you’re brand new to Monster Hunter: World it shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. Great Jagras are the weakest large monster in the game, and the only thing different about these are their size and the fact that you’ll probably end up fighting all three at once.

As you enter the arena you’ll see a supersized Great Jagras, and behind it you may notice a regular-sized one and a much smaller one. None of them have any special attacks or resistances, though their hitboxes have been changed to match their scale. It should be quite easy to dispatch all of them, and doing so will reward you with a special item called an Azure Star Shard. You may get more than one if you’re lucky, and you’ll need six if you want to take advantage of everything this quest has to offer. Even if you have no interest in the rewards for the quest it’s worth doing at least once; the tiny and huge Great Jagras will both earn a crown in your research book.

Collecting three of the Azure Star Shards will let you build an Azure Star Blade at the workshop. You’ll also need 4000 Zenny, four Great Jagras Claws, four Monster Bone M, and one Lightcrystal. The sword can be upgraded, but requires materials from a second USJ quest that hasn’t been released yet. The second part of this quest is still active in Japan until August, so it’s likely it will arrive sometime after Capcom’s exclusivity deal with Universal Studios expires.

You can build a set of Palico gear using three of the Azure Star Shards, and it looks like a samurai outfit with a blue crystal ball on the breastplate. You can find the Azure Star gear in the Low Rank armor sets, just below the Death set. The Felyne Azure Star Baton is a blunt Water element weapon which has 20% bonus affinity, but very low attack power. Neither the Longsword nor the Palico gear is especially useful past the early stages of the game, but they look neat and are worth crafting to show off to friends.

What’s not so new

Perhaps the best part of the Summer Twilight festival is a new opportunity to challenge some returning limited-time quests, since every one that’s been offered since Monster Hunter: World launched in January is available during the event. It’s a great chance to pick up some gear you may have missed if you haven’t been playing since launch, or just hadn’t progressed far enough in the story the first time they were offered.

If you’d like to know more about these event quests, we’ve been covering Monster Hunter: World since the game’s launch. Check out our guide to breaking Kulve Taroth’s horns, and we also have detailed guides on how to earn the Mega Man outfit for your Palico, the Sakura and Ryu outfits from Street Fighter, Dante’s outfit and weapon from Devil May Cry, and the PlayStation 4 exclusive Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. All of these quests will be available for the duration of the festival, so make sure to take advantage before they disappear again.

The Summer Twilight Festival runs from now through July 26. We’ll have a full breakdown of the next monster debuting in August when Monster Hunter crosses over with Square’s Final Fantasy.