Momochi of Team Evil Geniuses brings back fighting game lecture series

If you are looking to up your Street Fighter game, then you should sign up for one of Professor Yusuke Momochi’s classes. For those of you who don’t keep up with the fighting game scene, Momochi is a professional gamer and member of Team Evil Geniuses. He was also the first place finisher in Ultra Street Fighter IV at EVO 2015 – practically the Olympics of fighting games. So, trust us, he knows what he’s talking about.

Momochi’s Lectures: The Original Series

Toward the end of 2014, Momochi started uploading a series of “Fighting Game Lectures” to YouTube. While originally billed as an introduction to fighting game basics, Momochi used Street Fighter IV to demonstrate these basics, and since Street Fighter is his game of choice, the series soon shifted to tackle Street Fighter-exclusive strategies.

The original lecture series was short-lived for a number of reasons. Aside from the difficulty of keeping a YouTube production schedule while participating in all the world’s major fighting game tournaments, the series was originally uploaded in Japanese and it took time for it to be translated to English. The series eventually ended around episode five, and we haven’t seen a Momochi tutorial since – until now.

Street Fighter V Reboot

Street Fighter V recently hit store shelves, and fighting game players the world over are looking to re-learn the basics and get back into the tournament scene. Luckily, Momochi is here to help by reviving his lecture series. These new videos primarily focus on how Street Fighter V differs from Street Fighter IV. They assume that you already know basic fighting game controls and concepts, and are looking to ease your transition into the new SFV system.

The production value in his latest videos has changed to become more casual. Instead of producing a complete edited video, these look more like stream captures with Momochi himself looking into a camera and playing the game in training mode as he explains. They also include a new hand camera, so you can see the exact motions he makes on his joystick. Even though the videos are more casual, they are far more informative, going in depth about specific characters’ normal moves, special moves, combos, and strategies. If this style of video is easier to produce, hopefully Momochi will continue to upload as the tournament circuit heats up this year.

Learn From the Best

Perhaps the most useful video of Momochi’s to watch if you are new to Street Fighter V is his first episode about Street Fighter V basics. In it, he focuses on how changes to basic game mechanics make Street Fighter V feel like it moves at a completely different speed. Normals are now much shorter, damage is much higher, and characters are more aggressive. He also goes over some obscure things like throw tech and button priority, but he explains it in such a way that even relatively inexperienced players can understand.

At time of writing, three Momochi lectures have hit Momochi’s channel – the aforementioned basics video, one video detailing Ryu, and one detailing Ken. If you are looking to hone your Street Fighter skills, head over to his and fellow EG member ChocoBlanka’s channel and subscribe.