Fallout 4

MLB shuts down Fallout 4 Red Sox mod

Since Bethesda's new post-apocalyptic RPG epic Fallout 4 is set within the iconic city of Boston, it was only a matter of time before an intrepid modder brought the city's beloved baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, into the game. Sadly, the mod ended up being a little too real for the people running Major League Baseball.

The mod, which was created by modder Richie Branson, adds in a character outfit and helmet modeled after the Red Sox' iconic jerseys and batting helmets, complete with large “Red Sox” typefaces and the Red Sox logo. In a video he created to show off his mod, Branson created a character with similar aesthetic features to famous Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and had him go to town on various wasteland baddies while dressed in the mod's attire and wielding a baseball bat.

Even though Branson used publicly available typefaces for the Red Sox text and logo, and despite the fact that he made absolutely no money off of the mod (Bethesda's terms of use state that all Fallout 4 mods must be free), the MLB soon stepped in and threatened legal action if Branson didn't take the mod down. As of the time of this writing, the download link for the mod which was originally included in the above video has been removed, and the video's YouTube description has been updated to say the mod was not created in partnership with the MLB.

Fans of the mod have suggested that Branson could circumvent the MLB's harsh ruling by making the mod's outfit into more of a parody (the most popular suggestion seems to be changing the “Sox” on the uniform to “Sux” in protest of the MLB's crackdown). Branson has yet to respond to these suggestions, but it's possible that the mod could resurface at some point in the future with a much less flattering representation of Beantown's pride and joy.