Mirror’s Edge has gotten a fan-made multiplayer racing mod

When the original Mirror’s Edge launched almost a decade ago (2008 to be exact), it managed to wow players with first-person gameplay that focused on fast-paced freerunning and hand-to-hand combat, but it’s purely single-player focus sadly robbed it of any meaningful longterm appeal. Now, one dedicated fan has decided to do something about that by creating a mod that adds a point-to-point multiplayer racing mode into the game’s framework.

As you can see over on the racing mod’s official ModDB page, creator ArtemyB has constructed an alternate version of the Mirror’s Edge time trials feature in which multiple players can attempt the trials at once. ArtemyB even went a few steps further by adding in a few custom trials as well as playable avatars based off other characters in the game (so that all participating players aren’t forced to play as copies of protagonist Faith). The animations for the character do admittedly look a bit janky (since they’re based off the first-person model that players were never supposed to see), but overall the mod still looks very fun.

You can watch a video of the racing mod in action below. The mod is free to download but it naturally requires a base copy of Mirror’s Edge to function.