Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s latest free update adds in online fight pits

Monolith Productions has released another free update for Middle-earth: Shadow of War and the update includes a brand new game mode which allows players to treat their orc followers like deadly, bloodthirsty Pokemon.

As publisher Warner Bros explains in a press release, the new online fight pits mode lets players take their favorite orc followers and use them to challenge the followers of other players in a special online version of Shadow of War’s orc arena mode. As your orc followers win online bouts, you can earn special rewards which can be transferred to your single-player game, and your followers themselves earn stat boosts and skill upgrades which make them even more fearsome in the arena.

The online fight pits update is available now for all version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War as a completely free update. Next year, the game will be getting two paid story expansions which will feature new playable characters while also expanding on the core campaign’s story.