Microsoft helps the PC take the crown for most big new games at E3 2017

E3’s been ripping up the gaming news headlines this week, with developers debuting the biggest titles of the year via massive blowout press conferences and sending the hype train hurtling down the railway for fans all over the world. We did a bit of digging through each of the major press conferences and made a chart of featured games confirmed for each platform so we could get an idea of how the different platforms fared at E3's biggest events. 

Of course there’s been a bit of a surprising twist at E3 this year, as Microsoft chose to shift focus from Xbox exclusivity to a shared Windows 10/Xbox One environment, causing a nice boost to the PC as a platform when it comes to the sheer number of big titles it’ll see in the coming months. This move is hardly surprising, considering that as far as platforms go Windows 10 and the Xbox One are as close to cousins as any gaming systems can get, but the result is a huge win for PC gamers, who are rewarded with more new titles rolling out from the big names in the industry for PC than any other gaming platform.

Here's how it all shakes out. 

What we found is that the PC took the competition by storm, with 53 total titles confirmed for the platform compared to Sony, the second runner up, at 47. As people predicted, Microsoft came in below both at 43, and the Nintendo slotted in at fourth with 11 new games on the way for their new portable console.

This count includes any significant title, DLC, or VR game that was announced or heavily featured during the press conferences, and could shift depending on how you define "significant title" and how many other titles launch outside of the developer conferences. Of course, the PC has one of the more active indie scenes in the industry, so it’s likely that the numbers will end up even higher than what we see here.

The rise of "console exclusivity"

Of the total number of playable games 15 titles are "exclusive" to both the Xbox One and PC (what Microsoft has taken to calling "console exclusivity" for the Xbox). All in all, It looks like the PC should be the platform of choice for those interested in accessing the widest array of big games in the coming year and beyond.

The "king of variety" is a title that PC has arguably held in the past, considering the raw number of games made available on Steam each year, but this year at E3 it was clear that the PC platform will offer an impressive selection of AAA titles in addition to its indie dominance. 

There’s no doubt that a substantial portion of this shift to PC is due to Microsoft’s decision to share titles that would normally be considered Xbox exclusives, which in turn is the result of Microsoft’s recent quest to create a more unified gaming platform, adding another feather to Windows 10’s somewhat controversial cap. It’s yet to be seen how many of these titles will only be available on the equally controversial Windows store and which will be more widely distributed on platforms like Steam and, but it’s a nice nod from Microsoft to the portion of their audience that enjoys gaming exclusively on the PC.

Update: Doom VFR has been confirmed for PSVR in addition to HTC Vive, which bumps the PS4 game total to 48. 

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