Microsoft has officially discontinued the Xbox One Kinect adapter

Production for the Xbox One Kinect officially ceased as of last October, so it’s probably not too surprising to hear that Microsoft has now pulled the plug (so to speak) on the peripheral’s Xbox One S and Xbox One X adapter.

Since the newer Xbox One S and Xbox One X console versions lack a dedicated Kinect port, a special Xbox One Kinect adapter is required to hook a Kinect up to either of them. Unfortunately, Microsoft has confirmed the adapter is now officially discontinued, which means that those who want to use a Kinect with the shiny new Xbox One consoles they likely got for Christmas now have a much bigger headache to deal with. Technically, there are still adapters available via third-party retailers, but the sudden lack of widespread availability has caused their prices to skyrocket, in some cases jumping into the hundreds of dollars range.

While Microsoft has said in the past that it still has future plans for the technology contained in the Kinect, this is just the latest step in its process of phasing out the Kinect peripheral permanently.