Metal Gear fans are already rallying against Metal Gear Survive

During the recent Tokyo Games Show, Konami showed off a 15-minute gameplay demo for its upcoming game Metal Gear Survive. Fan reaction to the demo was….polarizing to say the least.

Since it was originally published on YouTube only two days ago, the demo has already racked up roughly 418,000 views, 1,086 likes, and nearly 15,000 dislikes. Now, to be fair to Konami, many of those dislikes were probably made by diehard Hideo Kojima fans who aren’t happy about Konami continuing the Metal Gear franchise after its very public and very non-friendly split with Kojima. For what it’s worth, there are people out there who are willing to give Metal Gear Survive a chance, though they appear to be the minority if the YouTube demo reactions are anything to go by.

When asked whether the concept behind Metal Gear Survive had been his idea, not only did Kojima say that it wasn’t, he also said that a Metal Gear game with zombies goes against his core vision of what the Metal Gear series is. Watch the demo below: