Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Black Panther and Sigma Frame by Frame Trailer Analysis

Capcom just unveiled a full gameplay trailer for two more Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite DLC characters, just in time for the New York Comic Con. Though we got to see both new characters in action, that action went by pretty quick, as it tends to do in the VS. series. So we slowed down the chaos and examined the trailer frame by frame to get a better idea of what these new characters can do.


The trailer opens at around 11 seconds with what appears to be Black Panther’s signature move: a wall jump. He appears to be able to cling to the wall in mid-air and then leap toward the enemy from this position. It covers nearly a full screen of distance making it one of his most important mobility tools.

From the wall jump we see him use a massive spinning claw swipe, land, re-jump, and do the same swipe again. This points toward the swipe being his aerial heavy punch. He follows up with an axe kick which spikes the opponent to the ground. Spikes are generally mapped to aerial heavy kick, which is what we are assuming this move is. He follows up the resulting ground bounce with his level 3 hyper combo, a fairly standard cinematic super.

We next get to see what appears to be a special move at around 20 seconds. Black Panther does a series of claw swipes on the ground with red effects trailing behind them. These effects differ from the yellow claw swipes which follow the rest of his normals in this trailer. This makes us assume it’s a special move. The move is three swipes, one to the left, one to the right, and one with both claws. The multi-attack nature of the move makes us assume it’s some sort of rekka, a special move with multiple parts that has to be input multiple times.

He then tags into Sigma who performs a massive downward sword swing, which we are assuming is his standing heavy punch. He them performs two slashes that almost reach a full screen’s distance. These slashes leave behind energy vortexes which hit the opponent multiple times. Capcom has already confirmed, through marketing materials, that this is one of his specials. It will be his primary zoning tool, which will help make up for his lack of speed. He follows these vortex slashes with a shoulder charge which transitions into another slash that wall bounces the opponent. Once again we are assuming this is either a special or a command normal. He cancels this move into a level 1 hyper combo, Doom Buster, which is a fairly standard fireball super.

The next combo starts after a time stone dash at about 28 seconds. Sigma leads with a standing hard kick which is then canceled into an energy beam. Once again we are assuming this is some sort of special move. It is likely not a command normal as his next move is a hyper combo version of the same laser, which sweeps across the floor. In general, characters tend to have hyper combo versions of specials they already have, which is what lead us to the conclusion that the laser beam attack was a special.

As for the laser hyper combo itself, it has an interesting property in that it stops time until the very first laser is fired. This keeps the opponent completely vulnerable while Sigma performs his jumping animation. It also allows him to combo into it after the knockdown caused by his laser special. This will likely be a good cover move, since it fills the screen with hit-boxes. It’s a great way to tag safely.

Speaking of tags, Sigma then tags back into Black Panther who shows off another one of his hyper combos, a massive downward slash. This move appears to operate similar to Haggar’s body press in that it causes Panther to leap off of the top of the screen and then come down wherever the opponent is. It will likely be quite hard to combo into but will also make for a good cover move. In the trailer, it manages to combo due to the heavy stun caused by Sigma’s laser super. Notably, it causes a ground bounce if it hits allowing for further follow-up opportunities.

Sigma then shows off another special move, his parry, at around 35 seconds. This is the first counterattack move in MVCI. Sigma holds out his sword and, if he is hit, he teleports behind the enemy and delivers a slash to the back of their head which causes a ground bounce.

Sigma then tags back into Black Panther who uses a fairly generic universal launcher, before comboing his aerial heavy punch in what appears to be an aerial version of his grounded red slash special. What’s interesting to note here is that his aerial heavy punch does two hits and appears to hit behind him, which will make for a good cross-up while simultaneously being a double overhead.

The next super we see appears to be the hyper combo version of Black Panther’s wall jump. He clings to the wall and then rockets across the screen with a kick which ends with a wall bounce. This will likely be his go-to combo ender due to the ease of connecting it and the combo opportunities the wall-bounce gives afterward.

We then see Black Panther use a standing swipe (likely his standing light punch) and a crouching swipe before using a rising claw uppercut, likely his DP executed with a double down tap. Unlike most DPs he was able to act in the air after executing it, canceling into his wall jump, and his aerial heavy punch. Again he re-jumps to perform an aerial light punch into heavy punch combo before spiking with his aerial heavy kick. We see another standing light punch followed by an axe kick which appears to send Black Panther into the air. This might be his standing heavy kick. Since it leaves him in an airborne state he is able to cancel into his aerial rekka special, which wall-bounces the opponent. This wall bounce is then used to tag in Sigma for his level three, another cinematic hyper combo, which appears to start from a grab or hit-grab.

That’s all we can squeeze from the trailer but we do know a few more details about these characters. For example, Capcom has confirmed that Sigma will have a command grab. They also confirmed that Black Panther can use his wall jump maneuver to escape pressure.

Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter, the first three MVCI DLC characters will be available for purchase and download on October 17th. Three more DLC characters, Venom, Black Widow, and The Winter Soldier, are expected before the end of the year.