Mario + Rabbids Season Pass details

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has a Season Pass that will deliver three chunks of downloadable content to anybody who signs up for it.

The first DLC component will be released alongside the game on August 29 and adds eight bonus steampunk weapons to the game, each with unique stats.

The second DLC will arrive in the autumn, introducing new solo and co-op challenge maps.

Then next year Season Pass owners can look forward to a full-on story expansion.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was an unlikely star at E3 when no less than Shigeru Miyamoto popped up at Ubisoft's press conference to help reveal that the game is a turn-based strategy title featuring characters from the Mario and Rabbids franchises.

Rabbids hasn't always been a favourite among core gamers, but this bizarre union and choice of genre seems to have hit a lot of the right notes, and its arrival at the end of the month has become highly anticipated among Nintendo Switch owners.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is due out exclusively for Switch on August 29.