Mafia III sets a new sales record for 2K Games

Publisher 2K games has announced that Mafia III shipped over 4.5 million copies during its initial launch week, making it one of the fastest selling games in the company’s history.

2K revealed the impressive numbers during a recent earnings call, clarifying that the 4.5 million figure is the number of copies shipped to retailers and not necessarily the number of copies sold to players. Nonetheless, it’s still an impressive figure, especially since it means that Mafia III is already about halfway towards matching the 10 million copies of Borderlands 2 which 2K has sold since the game launched.

Mafia III launched a little over a month ago to mixed reviews with critics praising its story and its willingness to address sensitive racial issues but also bemoaning its bland gameplay and lack of variety. Read our review here. There’s still more content on the way for Mafia III courtesy of the game’s season pass.