Tips and Tricks for Overwatch’s new Lúcioball Summer Games event

The return of Overwatch’s Summer Games event brings with it one of last year’s most popular additions, Lúcioball. This year’s Lúcioball matches will play out a little differently since the rules and abilities have been changed somewhat. What’s more, there’s a new competitive mode where the best Lúcioball players in the world can throw down. This guide should prepare you for the stadium and help you win a few games, no matter where you’re playing.

How do I play?

Lúcioball is very similar to Rocket League, except it’s played from a first-person perspective and relies a little more on abilities than positioning. It’s basically three man soccer in a closed arena with some special rules based on the character‘s abilities. Both teams have three Lúcios, and neither team can hurt the other. Each match lasts three minutes, and you’ll have to work with your teammates to get the enormous soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal by whatever means possible. If the score is tied at the end of a match, you’ll go into sudden death overtime, and the next point will win the game.

Lúcio’s primary fire has been replaced by his quick melee attack, useful for bumping the ball away when his other skills are on cooldown. His alternate fire acts just as it does in the normal game, knocking the ball a fair distance in whatever direction he’s facing. It recharges every four seconds in this mode, but it’s a little different since you can’t use this ability to knock away opposing players anymore. The closer you are to the ball when you use this ability, the more rapidly it will fly away, so do your best to get as close as you can before firing.

Lúcio’s healing aura has been removed, but his ability to Amp up his speed aura still refreshes every 12 seconds. Instead of affecting everyone within range, the ability only affects him and won’t help his teammates move more swiftly. His ultimate ability no longer pulls the ball towards him, instead drastically increasing his speed and jump height and allowing him to use his alternate fire twice as often for the five-second duration. All players will be alerted when a Lúcio uses his ultimate, and if you see an enemy start to glow, it might be a good idea to fall back and assist your goalie.

The arenas Lúcioball is played in are enclosed, so there’s no need to worry about a ball going out of bounds. Lúcio is uniquely equipped to make use of these arena’s special features, and the difference between a good Lúcioball player and a great one often comes down to how they utilize their movement options. The layout of each arena is somewhat different, but both have several yellow jump pads on the floor. Using them is risky since you won’t be able to react as swiftly in the air, but jumping lets you move much more quickly than simply skating after the ball. You can also use Lúcio’s passive wall riding ability to glide along the sides of the stadium, dramatically increasing your speed.


  • It’s hard to overstate how important it is to have a dedicated goalkeeper in Lúcioball. One player will always spawn in front of the goal, but any player can play any position. If you see that your teammates are running out ahead, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you fall back and defend.
  • If you spawn in your team’s goal most people will assume you’ll stay there, so let your team know your intentions before you leave the goal area.
  • Don’t be afraid to help your goaltender if you see they’re having trouble. It’s always better to have too much defense than not enough.
  • Players can move in and out of the goal area freely, so make sure you don’t push the ball into your own goal when you try to knock it away. It’s quite common for goalies to panic and accidentally tip the ball into their own goal. Do your best to keep the ball close to the opposing team’s goal, and you’ll be less likely to make a mistake.
  • Most shots on goal will be on the ground, but watch out for airborne shots, as these are much more difficult to block. Both goal areas are surrounded by jump pads to allow the goalkeeper a chance to knock away airborne balls. It takes some practice, but it’s possible to knock away every shot that comes at you if you’re paying attention and are in the right position.
  • Don’t forget that although you won’t knock the ball far away, you can still punch or body block the ball even if your abilities are on cooldown.
  • If you’re not using voice chat, you can still use the quick radial menu to let each other know how close you are to charging your ultimate ability. Hopefully, your teammates will understand that one of them needs to play goalie while you make a scoring attempt when your ultimate is ready.


  • The new Sydney stadium is a bit smaller than last year’s Rio arena, but both have plenty of room to allow teams to work together. While most new players tend to run blindly after the ball at all times, a coordinated attack will have a much greater chance of success.
  • Positioning is important, and you’ll get a feel for where you should be the more you play. I like to have a goalie, someone in the middle distance, and a third player close to the opposing goal, able to capitalize on mistakes. The player closest to the enemy goal should probably be the one who’s closest to charging their ultimate, but if one of your players is better at a certain position, it’s best to play to your strengths.
  • If you’re using voice chat, try to coordinate with team members and make effective callouts, especially if you’re playing as the goalie. Just as in real soccer, it’s better to aim the ball towards where your teammate will be rather than where they currently are.
  • Do your best to keep the ball away from the opposing team, even if it means aiming it to a section of the field no one is covering. If you’re ahead on points, playing keepaway, doubling up on defense and running down the clock is a winning strategy.


  • The best way to score points in Lúcioball is to try and aim the ball upwards a bit when you fire it at the goal. It’s much harder to defend against an airborne shot, and it’s less likely the ball will be intercepted if you can arc it into the opposing goal rather than trying to push it through a wall of meat on the ground. You can also try to take advantage of odd angles, bouncing the ball off the walls so the enemy goalkeeper will have a harder time trying to anticipate where it’s coming from.
  • Your secondary fire is the best way to move the ball around, but don’t forget your primary fire punch can also get the ball moving. You can alter the ball’s trajectory by punching it, then use your speed boost to move into position to take a shot on the goal. Do your best to block enemy shots with your body or by punching, saving your secondary fire for when you really want to push the ball away quickly.
  • Lúcio’s ultimate ability can turn the tide of a game, but it only lasts for five seconds. It’s not especially useful for defending, so make sure to cover the goal if your goalkeeper is ready to use their ultimate. When yours is charged, try to make use of it when your team already has control of the ball so you don’t waste time chasing after it at the far end of the field.

Other tips

  • You can aim the ball more or less where you want it, but it’s affected by every player who touches it, and sometimes flies off in unexpected directions. Try to anticipate its movements by paying attention to the trails it leaves as it soars through the air.
  • It’s easy to lose track of the ball since you’re playing from a first-person perspective, especially when it sails over your head. To help with this, the ball casts a horizontal white line at all times showing where it is on the Z-axis.
  • Hitting the ball hard into one of the opposing team’s corners can sometimes cause it to roll into their goal, so don’t feel like you have to aim directly at the goal every time.
  • If you’re defending against a corner shot, wait for the ball to come to you so you don’t leave your goal unprotected.
  • Your speed boost will give your shots a little extra force if it’s active when you make contact with the ball, so you may need to adjust your trajectory accordingly. This is also true when your ultimate is active, but they don’t seem to stack.


Several achievements were added when the update went live, and players can earn special sprays for each one they complete. If you play at least 10 matches of competitive Lúcioball, you’ll be eligible to receive the “Copa Lúcioball Competitor” spray at the end of the event. If you manage to place in the top 500 on your platform, you’ll also receive the “Copa Lúcioball Hero” spray, which adds animations to the ball and spotlights.

Even if you just want to have fun with Lúcioball and not take it so seriously, there are still rewards to be earned. Scoring a goal, an assist, and a save in a single match will unlock the “Lúcio Hat Trick” achievement and the “Goal Blossom” spray, featuring a trio of Reapers. Getting three saves in a row unlocks the “Safe Hands” achievement and spray featuring Zenyatta, and scoring a goal from at least four meters in the air unlocks the “Volley” achievement and earns you the “Bicycle Kick” spray, featuring Pharah.

The Summer Games event and both versions of Lúcioball will be available in Overwatch for the next three weeks, ending sometime on August 28. Good luck and happy booping!