Looks like there might not be a new Thief game after all

Last week, a description for the upcoming Thief movie adaptation also seemingly ousted the presence of a new upcoming game as well. However, recent comments from Eidos Montreal, the developer behind the 2014 Thief reboot game, have cast some doubt on those rumors.

The comments come specifically from Eidos Montreal’s studio head David Anfossi who sent out this tweet in which he alluded that the presence of a new Thief game was also news to him (thus implying that the rumors were false). The somewhat odd wording of Anfossi’s tweet didn’t technically close the door completely on the presence of an upcoming new Thief game, but it seems safe to assume that if the head of Eidos Montreal is cracking wise about not being aware of the project, then the project probably didn’t exist to begin with.

Of course, considering how poorly received Eidos Montreal’s 2014 reboot was, some fans are probably relieved to hear the studio isn’t working on a new game in the series.