Long War 2 mod is coming to XCOM 2

Fans of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown found plenty of reasons to fall in love with the game all over again when a team of passionate modders released a mode called Long War which went on to become one of XCOM’s most popular mods ever. Now, the team has announced it is developing a new version of the mode for XCOM 2 which is aptly titled Long War 2.

The team behind the Long War mod, which had since christened itself as Long War Studios, was officially brought on by developer Firaxis to help craft official mods for XCOM 2 ahead of its 2016 release. In total, Long War Studios planned out three different DLC mods and it has now just revealed that the third and final of those mods will be Long War 2. Details on what Long War 2 will contain haven’t yet been revealed, but if it’s anything like its predecessor, it will greatly expand the base game with a longer story campaign, additional gameplay features, more intense difficulty options, and more.

The folks behind the Long War mods have also decided to rename their studio to Pavonis Interactive and they’re also planning to develop and release their own standalone strategy title called Terra Invicta. A Kickstarter campaign for Terra Invicta is expected to go live soon. When Long War 2 launches for XCOM 2 it will be completely free to download and play.