Little Nightmares’ second DLC pack now available

The second installment of the three-part DLC arc for Little Nightmares, which is titled The Hideaway, is available now, and it introduces some new gameplay mechanics which should delight puzzle game fans.

Following the events of the game’s first DLC pack, The Depths, The Hideaway once again casts players as the new protagonist The Runaway Kid. In The Hideaway, the player must work directly with the enigmatic Nomes to discover the secrets they hide and ultimately escape from The Maw. According to publisher Bandai Namco, The Hideaway will feature new puzzle mechanics which involve recruiting and directing Nomes to complete objectives, as well as a hub-like layout which lets players tackle goals in any order they want to.

The Hideaway is the second part of Little Nightmares’ three-part Secrets of the May DLC story expansion. The third part, which doesn’t yet have a name, is scheduled to come out in February, 2018. You can watch a new trailer for The Hideaway below.