League of Legends Patch 7.5: What the changes mean for the competitive scene

The latest changes coming to League of Legends are designed to address some long-term problems with the game. Diving into the patch notes we find buffs, nerfs, and ability tweaks. Here are the highlights. 

Love for Aatrox, Fizz, and more

First off, Aatrox is getting some love. While the Darkin warrior is not getting a full rework, certain aspects of him are. His passive is seeing the biggest change, which will most likely allow him to trade more effectively against the bruisers of top lane. The revive part of his passive is sticking around, but the cooldown is being heavily reduced.

Fizz is seeing some changes, too, with the hope of not making players so reliant on landing Chum the Waters for a kill. The changes to his Q and W will allow him to trade more aggressively, even against tankier champions.

Kindred’s passive is getting a sizable change, which is a fundamental part of their toolkit. If Kindred can’t get marks, then they don’t get the permanent damage buffs. Players will often look at their marks as an easy way to counter Kindred, all without actually fighting The Eternal Hunters.

With the changes to Kindred’s passive, and a few other things, we may just see them back in competitive play.

A step back for Miss Fortune and Varus

More champions are getting hit by nerfs, but most notable are the ADCs. Miss Fortune and Varus are getting some small nerfs, which will hopefully allow other ADCs in the game see the Fields of Justice.

Most notably, Edge of Night is getting a large nerf. The active shield on it now has the duration cut in half, down to five measly seconds. Champions like Jhin will now have to be more careful about when they use the item before hitting R. Plus, the damage and overall cooldown was nerfed in a mid-patch update.

Tweaking Keystone Masteries

The Keystone Masteries were a welcome change when they arrived, but a few of the options have fallen out of favor. Riot is addressing the problems with Bond of Stone and replacing it with Stoneborn Pact. A flat boost to champion HP, and a heal for champions with CC abilities, means it will be a viable choice for champions like Thresh and Leona.

Other cool things to look for in the upcoming patch are the new recall animations for many champions, along with two new skins for Zyra and Xin Zhao, and a few new Chromas.

You can see the full patch notes here.