LawBreakers 1.3 patch includes role limit balancing

Boss Key Studios has unveiled the patch notes for LawBreakers’ hefty 1.3 game update (which should be live by the time you read this), and one of the more notable changes included in the patch is that only a limited number of a specific role will be allowed on each team.

Before the update, every member of a team could play the same role if they wanted to, leading to situations of extreme “role stacking” that can make achieving victory a near impossible venture for the opposing team. However, the patch notes for LawBreakers’ 1.3 update confirm that, now, a maximum of two of the same role will be allowed on team. Boss Key explained the change rather succinctly:

"Ultimately we've decided that the game is simply a lot more fun without role stacking. From now on Quick Play will feature a 2 role limit-- this means that you'll never run into 3 or more of the same role stacked against you. If you've ever run into 5 Juggernauts defending a Blitz goal you know what we mean," Boss Key said about why it's making the change. "Our decision to set role limits to 2 is one we think will help inform development on Competitive Ranked as we continue to test it behind the scenes for future launch.”     

LawBreakers’ 1.3 game update is live right now and should be downloaded automatically the next time you boot up your platform of choice.