Latest Overwatch patch introduces Overwatch League skins and in-client streaming

Blizzard has released a new patch for Overwatch which, in addition to making a few general tweaks and fixes, allows players to purchase character skins themed around the various Overwatch League Teams and also lets players watch streams of Overwatch League events from within the game client.

The new Overwatch League skins can only be purchased with a new form of premium currency called League Tokens. Any player who logs into Overwatch before February 13 will receive 100 League Tokens for free (a $5 value) which is enough to buy a single skin. League Tokens can also be purchased as microtransactions in various increments, but since skins can only be purchased on a per-character basis and there are currently 24 characters in total, that means you’d have to spend a little over $100 to get a single team’s skin for every character.

If you don’t mind ponying up a little cash to rep your favorite Overwatch League team, it might comfort you to know that 50 percent of all League Token sales also goes towards supporting the various teams, so at least there’s that.