Kolin announced for Street Fighter V: A frame by frame trailer analysis

Capcom has just revealed Street Fighter V’s newest character – Gill’s faithful servant Kolin – with a brand new gameplay trailer. The pro community has been abuzz with rumors about her playstyle over the past few days, with supposed “leaks” talking about ice-powers, rekkas, and a vertical projectile. Well, it turns out that all these leaks were true, but not entirely in the way we expected.

Let’s go over the trailer frame by frame to see what Kolin can do.

The first combo we see is a low reaching punch, comboed into a knee, comboed into a spinning backfist. It appears that this is a target combo, since none of these normals fully finish before the next one starts. She later cancels this into a diagonal swipe upwards with an ice effect on it, alluding to its nature as a special move. This swipe puts the opponent into a spin-out state, even when done in the middle of a combo. This is pretty unique as the spin-out state is usually reserved for counter-hits. Capcom later revealed that this swipe was her V-Skill, which outside of combos acts as an automatic counter.

Her V-Reversal is shown next, which, unlike most, is a throw. This makes Kolin incredibly dangerous on defense since her V-Reversal cannot be baited. The throw causes her to knee the opponent before throwing them to the ground right in front of her. This perfectly sets up for mix-ups and it’s likely that Kolin will have some hard-to-avoid Vortex setups. (A Vortex is a mix-up that leads into a combo that leads into another mix-up.)

Her abnormally high jump is shown next. It’s so high it is able to soar right over Juri’s anti-air. She comes down with what appears to be an axe kick normal, and is likely her jumping medium kick. We then see another target combo of two punches into a spinning back fist. This likely means the spinning back fist is her heavy punch, whereas the two short punches that precede it are her light and medium punches.

We then see her cancel this target combo into what appears to be an E. Honda-style “hundred hand slap.” However, this is actually part of her rekka chains. For those of you who don’t know the lingo, a “rekka” is a special move that is broken up into multiple segments. By inputting multiple special moves one after the other, the segments chain into each other creating its own sort of auto combo. The term “rekka” comes from Rekka Ken, Fei Longs multi-hit dash punch special, which was one of the first instances of this style of input being used.

The recent leaks and rumors say that Kolin’s rekkas start with a back dash or sway, which we can see in the trailer. Kolin steps back only slightly before dashing forward with her hundred hand slap. This can be used to bait opponent’s normals in the neutral game. The slap ends with a double fisted knockdown, which once again gives her access to mix-up opportunities.

The trailer moves on to show one of Kolin’s crush counters, a large reaching upward roundhouse kick which is likely her standing hard kick. This is canceled into her standing medium punch (which we saw from the target combo earlier) and then into an EX version of her rekka slap. The EX version has a slightly longer backward sway and instead of ending with a knockdown it ends with a launcher. Kolin then jumps after the opponent and hits them with an air throw, another technique that is rare among the Street Fighter V cast. In this instance she uses her air-throw as a combo-ender, but it will also make her incredibly dangerous in air-to-air combat situations.

The next combo showcased much of what we already saw before. After leading with the same jumping kick we saw earlier in the video, she transitions into the same standing target combo followed by the same EX rekka slap. However, this time she continues the rekka chain after the launch into an upward ice swipe which manages to hit her opponent high into the air, much higher than any other launcher we have seen so far, and leaves two ice projectiles behind. It’s possible that the slap, the knockdown, the launcher, and the upward swipe are all discrete segments of her rekka chain. It’s unclear where one segment starts and another ends, but it is clear that the swipe is at the very least its own segment.

Her opponent falls down into the projectiles, keeping her in hit-stun before Kolin follows up with a swaying dash punch, very reminiscent of Dudley’s sway punches from Street Fighter III. The sway on this punch is much more pronounced than the sway on her rekkas, and will likely be used as her go to counter-poking tool.

In the next scene, Juri switches out for Urien as her opponent. Urien dashes at her with one of his armored tackles, but Kolin interrupts it with what appears to be a hit-grab. You know it’s a hit-grab instead of a normal grab because Urien’s armor hit-spark goes off before the move executes. The hit-grab once again leaves Urien on the floor in front of Kolin, allowing for mix-up opportunities, but this time he is left about a character’s distance away, giving her fewer options than her V-Reversal did.

Her next combo starts with the standing hard kick we saw before, intercepting Urien’s aerial chop. It once again acts as a crush counter, putting him into a spin-out state. She follows up with a crouching light kick, which appears to be a semi decent poke, and then the EX version of her sway punch. The EX version causes her to spin back twice before executing the punch, allowing her to avoid many more normals. According to rumor, it also has startup invincibility.

In the next clip we see Kolin execute her EX sway punch again, but instead of leading into the punch she cancels the dashing part of the animation into a crouching light kick. The dash itself appears to avoid a crouching attack by Urien, lending some credibility to the rumors about invincibility. If the whole dash is, in fact, invincible, this will be an approaching tool for Kolin. Being able to cancel it into her move of choice means she can dash forward and grab, dash forward and sway, dash forward and rekka, and much, much more.

The combo path she follows is pretty much the same we have seen before. After comboing into her standing hard punch she uses the upward swipe we saw earlier in the trailer, and we get a better idea of how this move works. The swipe sets projectiles on the screen which then fall straight down. We see Urien wake up into one of these projectile snowballs falling right on his head as Kolin jumps over him, creating a left-right mix-up. We also see Kolin’s jumping light kick, which appears to be a knee except it has a hit-box behind her that hits Urien on the way down. Remember when I said she was going to have some insane Vortex capability? This is what I was talking about. The mix-up flows into the same standing punch target combo followed by rekka slaps, but there’s no particular reason why she couldn’t have followed it up with another knockdown --> projectile setup.

The next clip is even more proof of her sway punch’s invincibility. Urien fires a fireball directly at her and she uses the sway punch to dash right through it. This will make her an incredibly effective anti-zoner. We once again see her cancel it into a low-kick, which makes me wonder whether or not this kick is actually just a possible follow-up to her sway punch instead of a cancel. However, the EX flash effect wears off before she delivers the kick and it would continue through the kick if it were part of the move, so I’m fairly certain it’s still a cancel. We once again see this followed up into rekka slaps, but this time there was no double fist knockdown, which points toward the slaps and the knockdown being two discrete segments of her rekka chain.

The next clip simply shows her throwing Urien out of an aerial normal from the ground. This points toward her having an anti-air version of her hit-grab, which will likely be one of her primary anti-air tools as it sets up a mix-up opportunity.

Next we see why Kolin has such an incredibly high jump. She appears to be one of the few characters in the game that can double jump. In mid-air she seems capable of creating an ice-platform that she can then jump off of. This gives her an incredible amount of distance in a simple jump. She manages to avoid both Urien’s aegis reflector and an anti-air fireball from almost a full screen away and still clears enough distance to hit him with a jumping hard punch, into target combo, into her V-Skill, into her V-Trigger.

Kolin’s V-Trigger is somewhat complicated. When activated, she sends a line of ice-spikes across the floor which can juggle the opponent multiple times. These ice-spikes do an incredible amount of stun but not a lot of damage. They put the opponent into a special “cold” status effect, which lasts for a few seconds. During this time, if the character’s stun meter is filled, the opponent becomes frozen instead of dizzied, stuck to the floor giving Kolin ample time to follow up with her most damaging combo.

That’s everything we saw from the Kolin trailer. She appears to be an aggressive character largely geared around mix-up opportunities. Her V-Reversal allows her to reclaim momentum quickly and her special moves excel at keeping the opponent in hard to block situations. With the recent nerf to invulnerable dragon punches severely reducing all characters’ defensive options, Kolin is sure to be a difficult character to handle for much of the cast.

Kolin will first be playable at Lupe Fiasco’s release party for DROGAS Light on February 15, and will be available to the public on February 28. We will bring you more information about her playstyle after the pro community gets their first impressions in.