Kingdom Come Deliverance: All the Ancient Map Locations

If you jumped on the train called Kingdom Come: Deliverance before the game fully launched, you probably found yourself with a pile of dubiously useful maps in your inventory when you completed the opening act and woke up in Rattay. These maps are a great source of loot for anyone willing to chase down the clues and find them, and could easily be the difference between life and death to anyone that’s struggling to master Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s brutal combat style.

That said, almost every map in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is drawn by hand, and not by a skilled cartographer, which makes finding even one of these ancient caches of supplies a nightmarish challenge of obscure landmarks and dubious map-scale.

Fortunately, we’ve managed to track down the locations of all five ancient maps to make it a lot easier. All so you can spend less time squinting at parchment, and more time learning the ancient art of not-bleeding-out in a medieval Bohemian ditch.

Ancient Map 1

Location: Far Southeastern Corner of the Map west of a Charcoal Camp

To get started, you’re going to want to snag a spade and head to Rattay, then follow the road along the river to the south of the city. Head slightly north when the river branches and you should come across a small camp full of charcoal burners.

Head up the small footpath on the south side of the camp and go directly east past the interesting site to the grave a few hundred meters into the forest.

Use your spade to dig up the somewhat oddly proportioned skeleton and loot the bag to get your hands on the goods, which should include a few pieces of the warhorse armor set coupled with a few weapons and other useful tidbits of gear to make your life a bit easier at the dice table.

Ancient Map 2

Location: Southwestern Corner of the Map

With this ancient map things get a bit tricky, partly because of how difficult it is to locate the initial landmarks located on the map, but even more so because this hand drawn map has a fundamental problem with scale. What looks like only a short ride west from Rattay is actually a light jog several miles into the deepest part of the southwestern Bohemian forests.

To get started, you’re going to want to cross the river north of Rattay adjacent to the miller you wake up near at the beginning of the game. Head a short distance north, and then follow the road west and head left when the road forks (you can actually snag the treasure for Ancient Map 4 on your way, so you might want to skip ahead to that portion of this guide before continuing).

Follow the southern fork a few miles until you locate a small nest on the side of the road. From this nest, head south and just slightly west into the forest and before long you should see a massive rock in the middle of the forest. Circle around the rock and you’ll find a small cave/mine to the south.

Inside the cave you’ll find a sack full of your rewards including a few more pieces of the warhorse armor set.

Ancient Map 3

Location: Northeastern Corner of the Map

Our next stop is quite a trek, so be sure to grab some food and don’t forget your spade, because like the first treasure on this map your loot is sitting at the bottom of an occupied grave.

To get started, we suggest fast travelling to Uzhits, because it’s the nearest friendly settlement on the map and a good reference point to start with.

Once you arrive, head directly north until you run into a line of three stone fences; two short and one long. Head along the middle fence line towards a large tree, and you’ll notice a small grave nestled in the shade and surrounded by a bed of poppies.

Dig up the grave with your trusty spade and you’ll find a tragic tale of love and loss nestled beside a bag full of loot. Complete your grisly graverobbing and try not to think about what you’ve had to do to claim your rewards.

Ancient Map 4

Location: Between Ledetchko, Sasau, and Rattay Along a River

The next map is probably one of the easiest to locate, both because the map is reasonably well drawn, and because it’s only a short ride from Rattay. It’s also best if you try and nab this one while on your way to Ancient Map 2’s treasure, because they’re along the same road.

Like Ancient Map 2, you’ll want to head north across the river from Rattay, using the bridge beside the Miller where you wake up at the end of the opening act. Follow the road north and then bear west along the second fork in the road.

Follow this road until you reach another crossroads, and take the south fork until you reach a small conciliation cross on the side of the road. From there, head directly south a few meters and you’ll find a small ruin.

Make your way around to the south side of the ruin, and use the destroyed wall as a ramp to get over the wall and into the ruins proper.

You’ll find your loot in a small locked chest to your left, and with a little deft lockpick work you should be able to pop it open and snag your reward.

Ancient Map 5

Location: Far Northwest Corner of the Map, past Skalitz

Warning, you need to be able to pick a Very Hard lock to access this reward

Before we get started, it’s important to note that this chest can’t be opened unless you can break your way into very hard locked chests. So, if you haven’t boosted your lockpicking appropriately, it might not be worth making the long, long journey to northern Skalitz to snag this bit of kit.

If you do have the ability to crack very hard chests, you should make your way through the war-torn fields all the way up to Skalitz. Once you arrive, skirt the main town or charge through to cross the small river on the west side of town and then push into the forest to the north.

Try to follow the map provided above as closely as you can, because there really aren’t many significant landmarks between point A and point B. You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you find a small ruined cottage directly adjacent to a deer hunting spot, which matches up appropriately with the symbols on the ancient map in your possession.

You’ll find the chest beside the ruined cabin, and after demonstrating some serious lockpicking prowess, you’ll be able to claim your reward.

Enjoy your hard earned loot!