Kai'Sa is Teamfight Tactics next unit: 5-cost Void, Ranger, and Assassin

The Teamfight Tactics train is still rolling strong, and briefly after the game's latest patch dropped today, devs at Riot Games revealed the next unit to join the TFT arsenal: Kai'Sa.

This doesn't come as a major surprise. So far, it seems like Riot is adding new units that the community has a vested interest in. The last one, Pantheon, was released near the same time of his big update in the larger game, League of Legends, and before that, Jinx was among a group of champions added, and she's one of the most popular champions in the entire game. Kai'Sa, like Jinx, is wildly popular, so the theory holds up.

The Kai'Sa TFT unit seems incredibly powerful on paper. Like the last unit, Pantheon, it's another 5-cost, and as that means she's the most expensive she could possibly be, she has to meet a certain level of strength as a baseline. Unlike Pantheon, however, she has three Synergies, which is exceedingly rare for any unit. She's going to be Void, Assassin, and Ranger, opening the door for a wide array of new team comps and strategies focused around her. This means she's the second Void-Assassin in the game, too, which is great if you'd a Void-Assassin comp fan.

Not a lot of information has been shared about her just yet, but a description of her ability has been revealed: "Kai’Sa dashes past the furthest enemy, gaining a shield and a lot of attack speed for a few seconds." This offers an interesting dynamic. Since she's an assassin, she'll start a round by jumping to the back, but when she pops her ability, she may very well just jump back to the front. Interesting positioning strategies aside, this will make her difficult to pin down, at the very least.

Patch 9.19 of TFT is expected to go live in two weeks.