Jump's Netflix-like gaming subscription service will focus on indie games

An upcoming game subscription service called Jump aims to give users the freedom of trying out as many different indie games as they want while also giving developers a new avenue for making money off their projects.

According to this in-depth preview from IGN, Jump will cost $10 a month when it launches later this summer (a currently ongoing closed beta that is set to end on July 24 can be opted into courtesy of the service’s website). For that $10 monthly fee, users will be able to download and play all of the indie games included in Jump’s library, a library which is expected to encompass a sizeable number of titles at launch (the current estimates are between 60 and 100 individual games) with more being added each month.

Interestingly enough, the developers behind games featured on Jump will apparently earn revenue based on how much time Jump subscribers spend playing their games. Thanks to a third-party service called PlayFab, all Jump titles will also support cloud saves, achievements, leaderboards, and, where appropriate, multiplayer and matchmaking.

A specific launch date for Jump hasn’t yet been confirmed, but interested users can sign up for email alerts so they can be notified on any major announcements.