Fire Emblem: Three Houses: How to get the Dark Seal

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is officially on the market, and that means, as with any Fire Emblem game in the past, players are racing to advance their characters to higher-tier classes and levels. And, just like those past titles, reaching a new class requires a specific type of Seal. Some of those classes, for example, require a Dark Seal.

Don't worry, we've already been there, too. You have someone in your party just edgy enough to dawn the mantle of a Dark Mage, like Hubert of the Black Eagles. It's a powerful magic-wielding class that boasts strong black magic, like the aptly named "Death" spell. Hubert, and a few others, are perfect for a class like this, and some students will even directly ask that you train them to become one.

There's just one problem, though. The Dark Seal needed to complete the certification exam isn't in the Marketplace, unlike the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Seals. So where can you find one? There are some light spoilers below, so beware.

Steal Dark Seals from the Death Knight

Without spoiling anything, the Death Knight, a recurring villain (or assumed villain), makes some appearances throughout the game. By the time you get to Chapter 10, you'll have three run-ins with the scary lad. Unfortunately for you, he's the only way you can acquire a Dark Seal. Why is that a bad thing, exactly? Well, because he's incredibly powerful, and if you're not careful, he can one-shot most anyone on your roster.

You can fight him, definitely. You can stack a couple of characters and try to burst him down before he has a chance to move once and destroy a unit. It's possible, we've tried it, and you're rewarded a Dark Seal each time you defeat him. There is an easier way that allows you to avoid fighting the beefcake Death Knight, though. You can pull a Swiper the Fox and literally steal it from him. You'll need a Thief on your team, so make sure you train someone up to hit that specification, and make sure you have an Intermediate Seal on hand. It's possible because his speed is so low, and it makes gathering your Dark Seals much easier. Or, you know, brute force it. If you can strategize a way to make fighting him work, then shoot for the moon.