How to get the Nuka-Cola Power Armor in Fallout 4: Nuka World

Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC is chock full of all sorts of collectibles and unique gear large and small, and collecting it while exploring the numerous new areas around Bethesda's wacky, zany, theme park is easily the best part of the DLC. In fact, one of the coolest sets of Power Armor in the game and its distinctly Nuka-Cola paint job is locked behind a door deep within the Nuka-Cola bottling plant and the World of Refreshment. So let's take a quick look at how to get your hands on this caramel-flavored walking tank in the most efficient way possible.

Bring the Atomic Fire

This is arguably the only guide we'll ever make this suggestion on, but your best bet to get your hands on the Nuka-Cola Power Armor is to take the most direct route possible. The World of Refreshment is a brutal area, and the second you step into its Quantum-filled river you're going to have a fight on your hands, encountering multiple variations of the beefed up Nukalurks and a whole swarm of their wretched spawn.

So bring out your party gear, snag your favorite gun toting companion, and throw them in your best set of X-01 or whatever other power armor you have on hand. Bring along your best weapons, and make sure that at least one of them is a legendary combat shotgun of one brand or another. A whole host of mines is also a good call, and if you're playing in Survival mode fill up on Nuka-Cola Quantum until your eyes glow.

Follow the Blue

Once you think you're ready, make your way to the river of Nuka-Cola Quantum on the west side of the plant itself, then enter the bottling plant via the not-ominous-at-all front entrance, and get ready for a guided tour through the brightest place in hell.

If you have a few extra mines, it's not a bad idea to set up a few traps a short sprint from the main entrance. Most of the Nukalurks in the plant will follow you if you head back out the front entrance, so if you're in a bind it's worth it to just leg it and kite your new friends over a pile of explosive shrapnel. Just make sure you keep a few on hand – there's bigger game ahead that you'll want plenty of explosive ordnance to get the job done with.

Once inside, you'll likely be set upon by the Nukalurks guarding the front entrance, make sure to keep an eye out for a Nukalurk King that's likely to spawn from behind once the party gets started. Focus your fire on anything without a hard carapace and a few well-placed shotgun shells should send them up the river sans paddle.

Once the area is clear, move up to the first attraction where the tour guide will begin lamenting the story of Nuka-Cola's creation. From here, if you have up to expert skill in lock-picking you can save yourself a lot of time and danger by picking the lock on the white door behind Bradberton's chemistry wielding Automatron, and pick the lock on the red door immediately to your right as you enter the utility stairwell. You'll end up skipping the bulk of the more dangerous Nukalurks and pop out at the Nuka-Cola Dark exhibit.

If you're not a fan of locks, simply continue down the river of Quantum and slaughter the Nukalurks on the way with extreme prejudice. You'll need to kill them all eventually for the main quest anyways, so it's worth it to get a head start – although it's admittedly a lot more fun from inside a set of red and white Nuka-Cola Power Armor.

No matter your choice, make your way past the Nuka-Cola Dark exhibit and you'll see your prize waiting patiently behind an electronically locked door. Unfortunately, there's also a small army of Nukalurk Hunters guarding the treasure just waiting to come say hello. Clear them out however you feel appropriate, and remember that if you came in through the utility door it makes a great fall back point to chuck grenades from.

Once Nuka World's crabby Quantum patrons are sleeping with the fishes, make your way a few short strides past your prize to the small hole in the wall. You'll notice a dead Nukalurk just on the other side, and the turret that gave it a lead sandwich at the top of the stairs.

This next part is where things get tricky. At the top of the stairs there's a small metal door that leads to the room with the terminal that controls the electronic locks keeping you away from the your prize. Unfortunately, there's also three or four high level Assaultrons guarding Nuka-Cola's last great stockpile of Quantum, and depending on how loud you've been up to this point they're likely patrolling the area with lasers primed.

This is where your remaining mines will come in handy, because at the top of the stairway in front of the metal door there's a nice long straight catwalk that's a perfect spot to set up several layers of mines to make the Assaultron's lives absolutely miserable.

Depending on your difficulty settings, we suggest at least two piles of mines, one directly in front of the metal door (bottlecap mines are best if you have them), and one midway down the catwalk consisting of a few frag mines and a choice cryo mine if you have one on hand. If the Assaultrons survive one or both layers of mines, the cryo mine will freeze them in their tracks and give you time to blast them into scrap before they can get to your tender giblets.

Once the area's prepared appropriately, hide behind one of the steel doors on the edge of the catwalk and start making some noise to bring the Assaultrons running. The mines should do the rest of the work. When the area is clear, make your way through the steel door over the bits of robot guts and access the terminal recessed in the main control panel to unlock the door barring you from your prize.

Now all you need to do is make your way back to the river of Quantum down the stairs and suit up in all your fizzy radioactive glory. The Nuka-Cola Power Armor gives you a huge boost to your agility while it's equipped and it's already fitted with the highest tier armor upgrades for the T-51, making it fantastic even against high level enemies. Plus, who could resist that classic Nuka-Cola paint job?