How to find all the weapons in The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 has plenty of enemies that need to lose their heads one way or another, and there are a lot of weapons that are perfect for that. The only problem is that finding them can be a challenge, and there are more than a few that you’ll want to grab as early as possible.

So, let’s take a terrifying stroll through Union, and look at how to find all the out of the way weapons in The Evil Within 2.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Location: Chapter 3, The Marrow: Armory

The basic sawed-off shotgun is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for your early game adventures, and serves well into the late game with anything that tries to get right up into your face.

That said, there are quite a few ways to get your hands on the shotgun, but we found that this method is the quickest way to get down and dirty with some buckshot and plenty of extra supplies right out of the gate.

From O’Neal’s safehouse, head north and slightly east up the road to the right of the small church. You’ll find several haunted along the way, so tread carefully.

Ultimately, your goal is the small white house directly behind the church. Your communicator should pick up a signal as part of the Rogue Signal side quest when you’re close, which if you haven’t started yet can be found by heading west as you exit O’Neal’s safehouse down the main road.

Once inside, make your way to the back of the house and down the long hallway to a room with a memory, if you tune in you should hear two mobius agents discussing a computer hidden somewhere below the house.

Continue to the small backroom and pop open the trapdoor to the secret room below. Inside, you’ll find a computer, use it to access The Marrow: Armory.

Once you finish loading in, you’ll find yourself in a heavily industrialized area with all the grunge of the worst kind of horror movie. Gather the supplies in the area and cautiously proceed through the doors. You’ll soon hear the moans of a Hysteric, if you haven’t encountered one at this point in the game, beware that they’re a bit tougher than your standard Lost.

As you approach, a clank will echo from a nearby elevator shaft, prompting her to investigate. At this point you can try to sneak past by moving down the hallway to the right while she’s distracted, but we recommend moving in for a sneak attack. Be aware that a knife to the head isn’t enough to kill her in one shot, so be prepared to serve up a chaser of hot lead from your pistol once you’ve attacked. Or alternatively run away and hide, so you can sneak attack her again once she resumes her patrol.

Either way, proceed through the next several rooms to the right. You’ll need to sneak kill a Lost in a long hallway after you crouch through a small ventilation shaft, but it should be simple to accomplish while he’s distracted by his gruesome meal. Just be careful not to use your gun at this point, because there’s another Lost sleeping back behind you near the exit to the vent, and any loud noises will wake it up and you’ll find yourself fighting a deadly battle on two fronts.

Continue on your way and you should enter a large room with a fusebox to your left and a locked door directly across from you. Ignore the fusebox for now, and access the panel to unlock the door across from you.

Inside you’ll find a stockpile of supplies and a Mobius gun case. Pop it open and claim your shiny new sawed-off shotgun.

Warden Crossbow

Location: Chapter 3, Dead Mobius Agent West of O’Neal’s Safehouse

The warden crossbow is essential to making your life in The Evil Within 2 easier. Although it can fire standard bolts to dish out a hefty punch, its real value is in the variety of specialty bolts you can find and craft on your adventure. Explosive bolts in particular are the key to taking down some of the toughest enemies in the game, and can even be used to lay deadly traps and fallback points when things get dicey.

To get your hands on the warden crossbow, you’ll need to be a bit sneaky, but it’s easily one of the most straightforward objectives in the main game.

When you first speak to O’Neal he’ll mention that he was picking up a signal from a group of other Mobius agents nearby who might have some extra supplies. Once you exit O’Neal’s safehouse whip out your communicator and you should be able to lock onto the signal to the west.

Check your map, and follow the signal down the street from the safehouse. There are a lot of Lost wandering the area, so either sneak kill a few to thin out the herd and make it easier to move, or stick to the line of cars on the left side of the street to avoid the confrontation altogether.

One way or another, make your way to the Mobius APC at the end of the street where you’ll find the warden crossbow hanging out with a dead Mobius agent along with a small stash of bolts. You’ll also be prompted to use a shock bolt on the water in front of the truck to stun a few of the Lost in the area. You’ll need to be quick if you want some of that extra green goo, but if it doesn’t work out your best bet is to rush across the street to the bushes and hide until things calm down.

Sniper Rifle

Location: Chapter 3, Roof Near Visitor Center

Surprisingly, the sniper rifle can be nabbed almost immediately after arriving in Union, but like many of the weapons on this list, you’ll need to gather the damaged rifle plus the replacement part to repair the weapon before you can use it.

The damaged rifle can be found by heading northwest from O’Neal’s safehouse. You’re looking for a small alley just across the street with a steel staircase straddling the side of a building.

Make your way to the top of the stairs and use the yellow ladder at the top to access the roof.

Tread carefully, because there’s a lone Lost patrolling around the vents once you get to the top. Watch his patrol pattern, and wait for him to hold still long enough to stick your knife in his head, or alternatively just shoot him if you’re not worried about ammo.

Once he’s down, you’ll find the broken rifle leaning against the edge of the roof alongside a pair of dead Mobius agents.

Search the nearby agent leaning against the edge of the roof and you’ll learn that the repair kit for the rifle is located in a shed on the northwestern edge of town. This should also add a marker to your map, which makes finding the shed where the parts are located a lot easier.

When you arrive, you should see a Lament patrolling the area. Although you could potentially sneak around without confronting this oozing pain in the butt, you’re probably going to want to try and take it out just for the green goo, and to make sure you can leave the shed in relative safety.

Unfortunately, the Lament is only half the problem. A sneak attack won’t instantly kill it, and as soon as you attack, it’ll spin around and scream; waking up the other lost in the area. We suggest either using the warden crossbow to lay a few traps around the area before attacking, or grabbing a hatchet and some extra ammo so that you’re ready to fight three or four Lost before they rip you to shreds. Alternatively, you can also just run after killing the Lament, find a good hiding spot, and then return to pick off the Lost with sneak attacks.

For the Lament, we suggest following up the sneak attack with a few shotgun blasts if you have the ammo (and the weapon). You can also try to run, but the Lament’s scream drains your stamina and it can fire potent acid blasts with surprising accuracy, so we suggest using overwhelming force to make sure the Lament goes down immediately rather than relying on fleet feet and a second stealth attack. Or, take him out from afar with a couple of headshots.

Once the area is clear, enter the shed and be prepared to be attacked by a Lost hiding within. Use your pistol or a blast from your shotgun to shut down the assault, and you’ll be rewarded for your trouble with a small stockpile of supplies and the parts to repair your sniper rifle waiting patiently on the workbench to your right.

You can then craft it right there on the spot without expending any resources.

Laser-Sighted Pistol

Location: Chapter 3, Mid-West side of the Map

The laser-sighted pistol is a handgun variant that offers improved damage over range, at a small loss to close range combat. It also has a nifty laser sight that makes aiming a little easier, but it doesn’t seem to work well beyond 20 or so yards, so expect that to be the limit of the gun’s effective range.

To get your hands on this particular pistol, you’ll need to make your way to the mid-western portion of the map. When you get close you should hear a car honk, and Sebastian will comment on the noise.

Your target is a fenced off parking lot with a smoking sedan beside a large white cargo truck. Make your way around the edge of the fence to the westernmost side near the edge of the map, you’re looking for a large blue box beside the fence, which you can climb to enter the parking lot itself.

From there, approach the smoking car and examine the body to claim your shiny new laser-sighted pistol. Before you get a chance to enjoy your new toy, you’ll be attacked by a lone Lost, finish him off, grab your gun, and book it before any more surprises show up.

Full-Barreled Shotgun

Location: Chapter 7, Locked Supply Garage near Post Plus Safe House

The full-barreled shotgun is a great replacement for your standard sawed off, offering greater range than the default, and seemingly with all the stopping power you need from your handy dandy boomstick.

Getting your hands on this weapon is a little trickier than you might think, and you’ll need to be prepared to either kill a Guardian, or run away from it. Stock up on ammo, or bring your running shoes.

To get started, you’ll need to head to the Devil’s Own Taproom on the southern part of the map. The neon sign with the name is a pretty good landmark, but you should also recognize it because it’s where you destroyed one of the paintings earlier in this chapter.

To the right (West) of the Taproom, you’ll find an alley with several Lost attacking a car and dragging bodies through the streets to a pile.

Deal with the lost however you see fit, then head down the small alley past the pile of corpses. You should pick up a resonance signal that leads you to another Lost eating a fallen Mobius agent. Kill the Lost, and search the Mobius agent’s body to receive a key.

Here’s where things get a little tricky. As you go to leave the alley the pile of corpses you passed earlier will transform into a Guardian. It’s up to you whether you want to kill it, theoretically if you get lucky you can just run away and lose it in some bushes, but if you have the ammo it’s worth taking down for the massive payout of Green Goo.

If you do choose to fight, you can use the oil barrels in the area and the fire hydrant at the entrance to the alley to dole out some extra damage. But really, it’s all about just saving your sprint to dodge her strikes at the right moment.  Explosive bolts and Harpoons also work well, so just focus on timing your shots in between the massive swings of her arms.

Once she’s dealt with, make your way back towards the Post Plus safehouse at the beginning of the level. Veer slightly to the south at the last second to the large locked storage shed nearby.

Use the key to unlock the door, and head inside where you’ll find a healthy cache of supplies. More importantly, you will find your very own full-barreled shotgun, graciously stored in pristine condition inside a Mobius weapons case towards the back of the shed.

Be aware that exiting the shed also involves a visit from your friend the Anima, so pack extra diapers.

Silenced Handgun

Location: Chapter 7, Inside the Locked Orange Crate in Sykes’ Safehouse

Getting your hands on the silenced variant of the handgun involves saving Sykes, then completing his side quest “Getting Back Online” to unlock the various locked orange chests in the area.

To that end your first step is to save Sykes, which is difficult because if you aren’t paying attention he can be killed by a swarm of Lost before you get a chance to do more than casually scream hello. You’ll find Sykes near the center of the map, and you’ll know you’re nearby when you hear a series of gunshots and the grunting enemies.

Clear out a few of the Lost in the area with some quick sneak kills, then charge the gate. Sykes will be on top of a white cargo truck shooting at various enemies trying to get at his fleshy bits. Your job is to keep him alive by disposing of the other Lost in the area.

You’ll need to do this quickly, because every few moments a Lost will break off from the pack and attack Sykes, leading him to lose a chunk of health. Once you clear out the first horde another will come charging in, so rinse and repeat, until everyone’s dead.

If you’re getting overwhelmed don’t be afraid to use the oil drums in the area to light large groups of enemies on fire so you can finish them with your pistol. Additionally, if you have any smoke bolts use them in the same way to make finishing off the Lost a lot easier.

When all the enemies are melting into puddles of goo, Sykes will hop off the cargo truck and lead you to his safehouse nearby. Speak with him to start the side quest “Getting Back Online” and then head back to the Post Plus safehouse to enter the Marrow. You’ll notice things are a lot cleaner now, and with the Watcher’s goo gone you’ll be able to access another portion of the map.

Follow the quest marker on your map and keep your eye out for a red door on your right. Inside, you’ll find the server reset console and a large orange crate, which should unlock once you reboot the system.

Unfortunately rebooting the system has flooded the area with enemies, so grab the supplies from the now-unlocked orange crate and carefully make your way back to the Post Plus safehouse exit.

There’ll be two Lost with hatchets right outside your door, so be careful, but with the extra hatchets in hand the rest of the enemies in the area shouldn’t be difficult to take out. There is a lone Hysteric at the very end, but if you sneak attack it, then run back down the hallway she’ll lose interest, and you can come back around and use a second sneak attack to finish her off.

Once you’re back in Union, return to Sykes to complete the quest, then open the large orange crate in his safehouse to get your hands on the silenced handgun.

The Revolver

Location: Chapters 3, 7, and 11, Complete the Anima events

The revolver is a callback weapon to Sebastian Castellanos’ pistol back in the first Evil Within, and getting your hands on it involves completing three confrontations with the Anima.

Anima Event One

The first mission can be found in Chapter 3 by following a resonance signal into a small home almost in the center of the map. There you will find a fallen Mobius agent and a Hysteric just outside. You’ll probably want to kill the Hysteric before you head into the house.

To trigger the event, head into the back room and pick up the small leather-bound journal on the table.

Complete the event by carefully dodging around the Anima as it patrols the area to find the keycard in the far room of the asylum dormitory. The easiest path is to enter the first room then duck in through the hole in the wall to the second room, knab the key, then follow the Anima back out through the first room.

Your ears are key here, because although the Anima is dangerous and can kill you in a single hit, it’s also extremely loud and loves to fill the air with soft, haunting moans, so if you have a decent headset now’s the time to use it to track the Anima as it moves through the environment.

Anima Event Two

Your next stop isn’t until Chapter 7, when the game once again opens up into an open world adventure. Make your way to the Juke Diner near the train on the west side of the map, and head into the kitchen to find a body and a resonance signal, activate it with your communicator and you’ll be pulled into the second Anima event.

This time, you’re just trying to escape, follow the hallways as they appear until you reach the large operating ward where the Anima leaps out of the mirror to attack Sebastian. She’ll retreat after a few seconds, but if you look back in the mirror you’ll notice that one of the doors in the reflection is glowing.

Go through the corresponding door in the real world, and you’ll end up in another hallway leading to a new ward. Going through the wrong door leads you back to the first room, so choose carefully. The next area is more of the same, except this time the Anima is actively tracking you. Sneak around the various surgical supplies and look in the mirror again to figure out which door is your exit and do your best to beat a silent, but hasty retreat.

Anima Event Three

The final Anima event occurs in Chapter 11 within The Marrow: Restricted Lab region of the game. You’ll need a shock bolt to access it so be sure to have one handy before you attempt this quest.

To access the Anima event head to the large autopsy room on the east side of the map with the red security scanner that locks you out unless you have a cerebral chip from Mobius. Once there, whip out your communicator and lock onto one of the two signals in the area. This one might sound barely intelligible but follows the theme of being stalked by an invisible force, when you lock on it should place a large green marker on your map south of your location.

On the southern wall you’ll notice a large garage door and a fuse box. Shoot the fuse box with a shock bolt and follow the hallway beyond to a small office with a computer. Accessing the computer will trigger the event.

Again, your objective is to escape the Anima’s murderous grasp before she can suck the life out of you. The key difference this time is that the Anima really doesn’t want you to get away, and will now use a combination of telekinesis, jumpscares, a height advantage, and yes, more creepy moans to keep you from the exit.

Move slowly and silently, and you should be okay, but keep in mind that the Anima doesn’t care about solid objects, so if you’re discovered don’t assume you’re okay just because there’s a desk between you.

Once you make your way through the Anima’s telekinetic maze and through the red exit door one of two things will happen.

If you haven’t completed the other two Anima events you’ll be teleported back to The Marrow after a short cutscene. That’s the end of the road, and you don’t get the revolver.

If at this point, you have completed the other two anima events you’ll instead enter a long hallway of the asylum where you can explore and find several documents that fill out Mobius’ involvement with Sebastian between the two games.

When you’re done collecting documents, head down the stairwell at the end of the hall to trigger a short cutscene and receive Sebastian’s faithful revolver as an apology for every time the Anima ripped your soul from your body.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Location: Chapter 11 or 13 as part of side quest “The Last Step”

The double-barreled shotgun can be unlocked by completing Sykes’ final side quest after meeting Torres in Chapter 11. To trigger the quest, approach the D6 exit door that leads to the Post Plus safehouse instead of heading out to the Restricted Labs in search of Hoffman. Sykes should contact you on your communicator, adding the side quest, “The Last Step,” to your list of to-dos.

Keep in mind that if Sykes dies for any reason (either when you first meet him or because you didn’t complete his earlier side quest) this quest will be locked, and you’ll be unable to get your hands on the double-barreled shotgun. 

If Sykes is alive, use the nearby computer to head back to the Post Plus safehouse and take a stroll down memory lane to Sykes’ safehouse in the center of town.

Keep in mind that normally you don’t do this quest until a few more chapters into the game, and the Business district is currently flooded with a host of Theodore’s spawn that might be a bit intimidating at first glance. Carefully blast, sneak, or stab your way to Sykes’ safehouse and speak with him to initiate the next step in the quest.

Once the conversation is over, use the nearby computer to access The Marrow: Experimental Wing.

From here, the quest gets pretty straightforward. Restore the power for Sykes, then clear the area of enemies so he can move through the area safely. When you’re sure everything’s dead approach the previously locked door to trigger a cutscene.

With the cutscene over, head into the STEM room to claim your rewards, a photo slide, and the double-barreled shotgun in a weapon case in the corner.

The Flamethrower

Location: Chapter 11, Beside Liam at the end of the Chapter, parts can be found by killing harbingers in the Business District

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

The flamethrower, like the sniper rifle, can only be made by gathering the broken weapon and the parts to repair it.

In this case, you’ll find the broken flamethrower beside Liam’s body at the end of Chapter 11, after the climactic boss fight. Unfortunately, both fuel tanks have been horribly damaged and you’ll need to find replacements to fix it up if you want to unleash hellfire on your enemies.

The good news is, as you continue the story, you’re going to run into a few friends that have the fuel tanks you need. Unfortunately, both of these friends are Harbingers in the Business District that just love to light things on fire. Kittens, surly detectives, babies, and bushes that looked at them wrong are all on their list of targets. Be extremely careful, and plan to either take them down with a few sniper rifle mags, or if you’re feeling frisky, a few well-placed guerilla warfare hit and run sneak attacks will also do the trick.

Harbingers are relatively common in the Business District now that Theodore’s taken over, and you can find one right outside the Post Plus safe house right off the bat, another down the main street to the west of Sykes’ safehouse, and yet around the train on the east side of the map.

Choose your poison, you only need to kill two to get the flamethrower tanks you need, but all three are also worth a lot of green goo, so if you’re feeling confident after finishing off the first two you might consider clearing out the third as well.  

The Assault Rifle

Location: Chapter 14, practically handed to you in The Marrow: Facilities safe house

This beauty is probably the easiest weapon to get your hands on, but also doesn’t show up until the beginning of Chapter 13, where after waking up from a bad encounter with Theodore and a great encounter with your own psyche, you’re able to snag it from The Marrow: Facilities safe house.

Give one final salute to the fallen, and strap the Assault Rifle to your back with pride. All in all, the assault rifle’s damage is off the charts, but it blows through ammo ridiculously fast. Use it to clear out large groups of Lost with well-placed bursts, or save it for boss fights and larger enemies. If you don’t have it already, you should also consider investing in the Bullet Cascade combat skill to give it an additional boost to damage with every consecutive shot.

The Magnum

Location: Received for Completing the Game on any Difficulty.

Massive Damage, easily the best handgun in the game.

Brass Knuckles

Location:  Complete the game on Nightmare Difficulty

Functions like a hatchet that never breaks, perfect for laying the beat down on… Everything.