How To Catch Mew In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s newest update is one of the most substantial updates the game has received since launch, adding in a new series of dedicated quests (called ‘Research Assignments’) for players to explore.

Players will find two different types of assignments they can take on. Field Research assignments are more akin to the daily quests you’d find in MMOs and other online games, requiring the completion of routine tasks which most players are likely already pursuing. Then there are Special Research assignments, a dedicated list of increasingly difficult tasks that function as pseudo-story missions. Completing all of the Special Research assignments takes some true dedication, but those who manage to do so are awarded the ultimate prize: the opportunity to catch the mythical Pokemon Mew.

Completing Special Research Assignments

If you haven’t accessed the Special Research tab of the Pokemon Go interface yet, you can do so by tapping the little binoculars icon in the bottom right of your screen (it’s where the Weather icon used to be). Once you’ve opened the page, you’ll be greeted by Professor Willow and he’ll give you your first series of Special Research tasks. Completing the first series will unlock a group of new tasks to complete, and there are seven “tiers” of task groups to progress through. Each tier has three tasks in total, which means there are 21 tasks in all to complete. Below you’ll find each of the seven tiers and its associated tasks:

Tier 1

  • Spin five Pokestops
  • Catch 10 Pokemon
  • Transfer five Pokemon

Tier 2

  • Farm two candies by walking with your Buddy Pokemon
  • Hatch three eggs
  • Perform 10 great throws

Tier 3

  • Reach level 15
  • Battle in a gym two times
  • Participate in two raids

Tier 4

  • Evolve 20 Pokemon
  • Earn a Silver Kanto Medal
  • Earn five candies by walking with your Buddy Pokemon

Tier 5

  • Perform 20 great throws
  • Catch a Ditto
  • Catch 10 Ghost Pokemon

Tier 6

  • Reach level 25
  • Participate in 10 raids
  • Evolve a Magikarp

Tier 7

  • Catch 50 Pokemon using a berry
  • Perform one excellent curve throw
  • Earn a Gold Kanto Medal

Catching Mew

Once you have completed all seven Special Research tiers, you’ll unlock a special eighth tier which only has one objective: Catch Mew. With the eighth tier unlocked, Mew will start appearing in the wild, giving you an opportunity to catch it. Players have reported a higher rate of seeing Mew while playing with AR Mode enabled, and Mew reportedly has a 100 percent catch rate so once you find one, you shouldn’t have too much trouble capturing it.

Just note that Mew counts as a Legendary Pokemon so you won’t be able to use it to defend any gyms you control (though you can still use it to attack rival gyms). Still, putting in the time and effort to add Mew to your collection is quite an accomplishment, so don’t be afraid to show it off to your fellow Pokemon Go players!