For Honor AFK farmers are being punished by Ubisoft

Shortly after For Honor launched last month, some less scrupulous players discovered that they could use a practice known as AFK farming to continuously accrue currency and XP for their profile without actually playing (thus forcing their teammates to make do with unhelpful allies). Now, Ubisoft has announced it is in the process of doling out punishments to those who participated in such activities.

In a recent Reddit post, Ubisoft announced it has doled out a three-day ban to about 1,500 For Honor players who had engaged in prolonged AFK farming, and another 4,000 players have been given stern warnings for their occasional AFK farming practices. Ubisoft notes that AFK farming goes against For Honor’s code of conduct and if players continue to exploit it after receiving warnings and temporary bans, they could get slapped with a permanent ban.

Ubisoft says it is continuing to monitor For Honor’s online activity and that it will punish more AFK farmers in the near future. If you’ve indulged in a little AFK farming yourself, it sounds like now is a great time to stop, especially if you managed to escape the first wave of punishments.