Homefront: The Revolution’s third and final expansion launches in March

It has been a long time since we heard anything from Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios, but now Dambuster has finally broken a months-long period of radio silence by announcing a release window for the game’s third and final DLC expansion.

The Beyond the Walls expansion is currently expected to arrive sometime in March, though Dambuster didn’t offer a more specific release window than that. The March expansion will be the third and final piece of DLC which is included in Homefront: The Revolution’s $24.99 season pass, following last September’s The Voice of Freedom and last November’s Aftermath. Dambuster didn’t provide additional details on what Beyond the Walls will add to the game other than to say that it will be a much larger expansion than the first two.

Dambuster is also planning a “Spring Update” for Homefront: The Revolution which will add in PlayStation 4 Pro support as well as other minor fixes. The Spring Update should arrive around the same time as Beyond the Walls.