Hitman 2: How to complete the Mark Faba Elusive Contract

Hitman 2’s first Elusive Target, a cunning former MI5 agent-turned-freelance assassin named Mark Faba, has officially arrived in the game’s Miami location.

Faba (who is played impeccably by actor Sean Bean) is as slippery as he is devious, but by following this guide you can easily give the man known as “The Undying” his final death. Even better, you’ll earn yourself the coveted Silent Assassin rating in the process.

Preparing to kill Mark Faba

The great thing about Hitman 2’s inaugural Elusive Target is that you don’t really need to unlock any special tools or weapons to complete it. The default loadout you’re given at the start of the mission is more than enough, mainly because you don’t have to use any of your loadout gadgets. You’re naturally free to come up with your own strategies and use whatever tools you wish, but as this guide proves, nothing special is needed to kill Faba and earn the Silent Assassin rating.

Since this is an Elusive Target mission, you only get one shot. If Agent 47 is killed or Faba escapes, you fail the mission and don’t get any retries. You also can’t manually save during the mission, though you can restart as many times as necessary as long as Faba hasn’t been alerted or killed.

Eliminating The Undying

When the mission loads up, head across the courtyard and into the Kronstadt building. As soon as you enter, look over to the left and you’ll see a coat check booth. Wait until the attendant’s back is turned and then sneak inside the booth. Between two rows of hanging clothes you’ll find a Kronstadt engineer outfit which you should put on.

As you exit the coat check booth, look across the room to the staircase with the “Executive Floor” sign above it. Next to the Executive Floor sign is a camera which you’ll need to shoot out with your silenced pistol. Stand a little over to the left so that you’re out of any NPC sightlines and then shoot out the camera. Shooting out the camera isn’t strictly necessary, but you need to remain entirely undetected if you want the Silent Assassin rating. Once the camera is disabled, put your gun away and then go talk to your contact, David Ready.

Shooting out this camera is a little tricky, but necessary if you want the Silent Assassin rating.

Ready will lead you upstairs but if you activate the mission story prompts you can run a little ways ahead of him and enter the conference room on the second floor. There, you’ll come face to face with Faba. As soon as Faba begins talking, exit the room and turn to your left. Proceed down the hallway and hang a right at both the first and second forks. You should end up at the building’s southwest corner with a corkboard on the wall ahead of you. Open the door to the left of the corkboard and you’ll find the chief engineer’s office.

If the chief engineer isn’t in his office when you enter, just wait a moment and he should walk back in from the adjoining android testing room (he’s the one wearing the blue lab coat). When he’s in his office, make sure all the doors are closed and then subdue him. Hide the chief engineer’s body in the nearby storage crate and take his outfit.

Now, here’s where things can get a bit tricky. Go into the android testing room and you should see two research assistants wearing white lab coats. There’s usually one assistant in the main room and another in the smaller server room to the south. It’s actually good if they’re each in different rooms since you need to knock them both out.

Grab one of the android arm melee weapons so that you can quickly knock them out from behind. There’s a side room to the east of the server room with a closet where you can stash both unconscious bodies.

With both assistants knocked out, head over to the weapons table at the southeast corner of the android testing room. Take any two guns off the table and drop them on the floor near the door leading into the chief engineer’s office. By this time Faba should be waiting outside the chief engineer’s office so go and greet him. Before you do that though, make sure all the doors leading into the android testing room are closed.

After you greet Faba, he’ll attempt to enter the android testing room along with his two bodyguards. However, when he sees the weapons on the floor he’ll stop and have the guards remove the weapons. The guards will take the weapons up to the security office on the third floor, leaving you alone with Faba.

When he enters the android testing room, Faba will stand over a table with a vertical fountain pen holder, giving you the perfect environmental kill opportunity. Dispatch Faba and hide his body in the same storage crate as the chief engineer.

Now all you have to do is exit the level, making sure to avoid any NPCs with white dots over their heads and cameras. If all went well, you’ll have both completed the Mark Faba Elusive Contract and earned a Silent Assassin rating.

Elusive Rewards

So what do you get for completing the Mark Faba Elusive Contract? Well, simply playing the contract unlocks the Explosive Penmanship challenge and its associated Exploding Pen gadget.

Successfully completing the contract also awards the "Florida Fit with Gloves" outfit which can be used in all missions, not just Miami. Lastly, earning a Silent Assassin rating unlocks the "Terminus" outfit, a special callback to 2012’s Hitman Absolution.