Hitman’s final season one Elusive Target arrives on July 14

Making good on what it previously promised in its July content schedule, IO Interactive has announced that Hitman’s 26th Elusive Target, the final Elusive Target for the game’s first season, will be going live tomorrow, July 14.

According to this recent post on the Hitman website, the 26th Elusive Target goes by the alias ‘Mr. Giggles,’ but he’s also known more widely as ‘The Entertainer’ (his official designation for the Elusive Target mission). Similar to past Elusive Targets, players will have two objectives they need to complete in order to successfully finish the contract: eliminate Mr. Giggles and find his client list before successfully exiting the mission.

This final Elusive Target will be set in Marrakesh’s bonus mission, A House Built on Sand, and if this is the first Elusive Target a player successfully eliminates in Marrakesh, they’ll earn the Summer Suit outfit for Agent 47.