Hitman’s 18th Elusive Target will have special conditions for winning

IO Interactive has announced that Hitman’s 18th Elusive Target will soon be available, although this time around players will have to do a little more than simply kill the target and escape.

According to this new post on the Hitman website, the 18th Elusive Target is a man named Richard M. Foreman, a.k.a The Chameleon. Foreman will arrive in Hitman’s Colorado level on Friday, January 13, and he will remain there for a total of seven days. However, for this Elusive Target, players will have to perform a little extra legwork. In addition to eliminating Foreman, players also have to find and retrieve a set of sensitive documents and they have to eliminate Foreman with an accident kill which isn’t explosion-based.

If The Chameleon is the first Colorado-based Elusive Target a player manages to eliminate, they’ll unlock the Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat outfit. However, as with past Elusive Targets, players will only have one chance to take The Chameleon out and escape.