Hidden Street Fighter V cheat code lets you play as classic Urien

With the advent of DLC and microtransactions, the age of cheat codes seems to have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, but Capcom is keeping the cheat code torch burning with a hidden trick tucked away in Street Fighter V.

The villainous Urien recently debuted as Street Fighter V’s fifth DLC character, and as diehard fans of the series likely know, his debut appearance back in Street Fighter III had him sporting a rather revealing outfit which dressed him up in nothing more than a pair of underpants. However, in Street Fighter V, he appears to have ditched the skivvies for a less-revealing suit. That is, of course, unless you take advantage of a certain cheat code.

Players recently discovered that if you select Urien and then hold down the Light Punch, Medium Kick, and Heavy Punch buttons during the pre-fight intro, Urien will start the fight by burning off all his clothes (much like how he did in Street Fighter III) and commencing the battle in just his underwear. The cheat code works no matter what outfit Urien is wearing, and he’ll even retain certain cosmetic details which are unique to specific outfits such as his longer hair from his battle mode outfit or his sunglasses from his story mode outfit.

You can see the transition in action via the below clip which was captured by Twitch streamer Joe Ciarameli.