Heroes of the Storm weekend event will unlock the game’s entire roster

If you have yet to try out Blizzard’s hero-based MOBA Heroes of the Storm or if you’re just looking for an excuse to come back, Blizzard is aiming to tempt you with an upcoming weekend event which will allow you to try out the game’s entire roster of playable characters for free.

Blizzard is promoting the event as a way to kick off 2017 and to celebrate all of the new additions Heroes of the Storm received in 2016, additions which include a bunch of new playable characters. Normally, playable heroes need to be bought with either real money or in-game currency before they can be used (a small pool of heroes is also temporarily made free each week as part of the weekly hero rotation), but from January 13 to January 16, the entirety of Heroes of the Storm’s roster will be freely available to use. The promotion will apply to all playable heroes, even newer additions such as World of Warcraft’s Varian Wrynn and Overwatch’s Zarya.

Currently, Heroes of the Storm has a total of 60 playable heroes, making this upcoming weekend event an excellent time to give some of the newer additions a try. Plus, since the game is free-to-play, all you’re required to spend is a bit of your time.