Heroes of the Storm’s next playable character is the Overwatch ninja Genji

Following some recent hints from earlier this month, Blizzard has now made it official: Overwatch’s Genji is coming to Heroes of the Storm.

Along with Genji, a new map based off of Overwatch’s Hanamura is also coming to Heroes of the Storm and it will take inspiration from the shooter’s Payload game type by having teams defend and secure payloads which move around the map on set paths. Successfully defending a payload until it reaches its final end point is the only way a team can damage the enemy team’s core so making sure you have good synergy with your team will be key.

As for Genji himself, his Heroes of the Storm incarnation will be an Assassin class hero, surprising absolutely nobody. According to this new character profile post on the HoTS website, Genji’s abilities will closely mirror the ones he uses in Overwatch and his unique hero trait will give him some added mobility:

Primary Abilities

  • Shuriken: Throw three shuriken projectiles in a spread pattern, can store up to three charges at once
  • Deflect: Gain protection for 1.25 seconds, Genji will automatically throw a Kunai projectile at any enemy who tries to damage him while Deflect is active
  • Swift Strike: Genji dashes forward and damages any enemy he passes through, Swift Strike’s cooldown and mana cost are reset if any enemy hero hit by Swift Strike dies within two seconds of being hit

Heroic Abilities

  • Dragon Blade: For eight seconds, Genji can dash forward and deal increased damage to enemies, resetting Swift Strike’s cooldown for every enemy hero Dragon Blade kills
  • X-Strike: Genji performs two slash attacks in a large x-pattern which deal initial damage and then detonate after 1.25 seconds, causing a large spike of additional damage

Hero Trait

  • Cyber Agility: Can be activated to have Genji leap to the targeted area

Both Genji and the Hanamura map will be added to the live Heroes of the Storm servers on April 25. Those who are participating in the game’s public test server can currently test out both new additions.