Hearthstone - The Witchwood Crafting Guide

All the cards for Hearthstone’s new expansion, The Witchwood, have finally been revealed. So now the question becomes, what should you spend your dust on? To help you out, we made this guide to what we think are the best legendaries and epics in The Witchwood.

A couple rules before we start. First, these legendaries won’t necessarily be great immediately. Instead, we focused on legendaries that have the greatest possibility to be used in powerful decks throughout the entirety of their two year standard rotation. Second, we didn’t include any rares or commons in this article. For those, check out our guide to the best cards in The Witchwood.

With that being said, on to the list.

Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane

I don’t think that Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane will be used in many meta defining decks in the next few months. There just aren’t enough cards in the meta to really justify running an odd only or even only deck. However, this will change as more and more expansions get released and I personally think that their effects are powerful enough that we will see tons of odd and even decks at the end of this year. Any card that gives you a huge bonus for building your deck in a certain way (like Reno Jackson) usually sees some play, so I think crafting both of these legendaries is a good investment.

Archmage Arugal

Helllooooo Value. This is one of the best Mage legendaries ever printed. Being able to clone the cards you draw is nuts. Even if you aren’t running a minion based mage, the ability to drop Arugal and then drop a card draw spell and just flood your hand with minion value is too much to pass up. In fact, Arugal is so good he can just be dropped turn two against certain decks that don’t have a good way to remove him. This is a must play and must run for any Mage deck, period. If you plan on playing Mage any time soon, craft this guy.


Chameleos is another card that isn’t meta defining but is important to craft. I honestly think that he fits in pretty much any Priest deck. In general, your opponent will be running good cards, meaning Chameleos will generally turn into cards that help you. However, more than that Chameleos can just chill in your hand and give you information about what the opponent is holding. Few cards in Hearthstone allow you to actually see your opponent’s hand. It’s a huge advantage to know if they have a board clear, spot removal, or a big drop that you have to handle next turn.

Countess Ashmore

This is another example of a card that might not be immediately relevant, but will have long lasting effects on the meta. Countess Ashmore allows you to tutor up three cards from your deck, much like The Curator did. The Curator was run because any card that gives you a body and draws you three cards is powerful. In fact, people included one copy of Coldlight Oracle just to make The Curator draw more cards. The biggest problem with Countess Ashmore is that there aren’t a lot of Rush cards in the game, and there aren’t too many good Lifesteal cards. Once again, this is something that will change as more cards are printed, but even now she can be used to, say, draw two Obsidian Statues in a Priest deck, or draw a Void Lord and Amythest Spellstone in Cubelock.

Lord Godfrey

I don’t really understand why Lord Godfrey was printed. Warlock is already a tier one class and Godfrey is probably the best card in this expansion. Abyssal Enforcer was a seven mana 6/6 that dealt three damage to the board and was often run. Godfrey is -2/-2 smaller but can deal much more damage to the board. He has Defile’s effect, which is already amazing at setting up board clears, but he doubles it, and leaves a 4/4 body on the board. That’s nuts. Honestly, the only reason Godfrey might not see play is that Warlock has too many good cards to include in their good decks. Still, craft this guy because he will be a staple tool of control Warlock for the rest of his standard cycle.

Prince Liam

Right now there are two Paladin builds that look likely. There’s Aggro Paladin, which runs a bunch of one cost minions, and Secret Paladin, which runs a bunch of one cost secrets. Prince Liam turns all of these cards into legendary minions making dead draws into threatening plays. Liam himself is a five mana 5/5, which isn’t really that bad stat wise. His ability to extend aggro decks into the long game will shake up the meta quite a bit in coming months.


Shudderwock was called the craziest card ever printed by Ben Brode, and he’s right. Battlecry minions are the most common minions in Hearthstone right now. Being able to copy every single battlecry you played over the course of a game is absurd! Even in a casual deck, Shudderwock can give you infinite copies of himself with Zola’s battlecry. He can give you infinite elementals or deal infinite damage. He’s like Yogg-Saron, except more powerful, and he’s only going to grow stronger still as newer more powerful battlecries get printed.

Town Crier

Blizzard has decided to make Warrior the “rush class.” I’m not entirely sure that a viable rush deck will be made in the next few months, but given a few more expansions I’m sure more powerful rush cards will be printed. When that happens, you are going to want to have your own Town Crier. This will be the go to one drop for warrior. One mana minions that draw a card are rare. One mana minions that tutor a card are even rarer. With the help of Town Crier, you are much more likely to draw into that perfect curve.

Arcane Keysmith

Mage secrets are very powerful, but they aren’t quite powerful enough to be played on their own. That’s why the best secret mage decks always find a way to sneak them out. In the past, Kabal Lackey and Kirin Tor Mage were used to play secrets for free. Arcane Keysmith is just an upgrade to both these cards. It allows you to play Mage’s powerful secrets without even putting them in your deck, and it comes with a 2/2 body (which would normally cost one mana with a drawback.) This is another card that will probably fit in most Mage decks, even if they aren’t going for secret synergy. It’s certainly a good inclusion in the new Minion Mage deck that Blizzard appears to be pushing.

Baleful Banker

It’s the Manic Soulcaster ability, except its neutral and cheaper. Manic Soulcaster was run in Reno decks because getting another copy of a powerful high value minion was incredibly useful. Baleful Banker lets you do the same. Just off the top of my head, I can imagine Cubelock or Control Warlock shuffling more Void Lords or Rins into their deck.

Book of Specters

This is a spell that lets you spend two mana to draw three cards. I don’t care that it causes you to discard spells. Two mana for three cards is obscene. The normal cost for a three card draw is five mana. You can play this turn two and be well ahead of your opponent in card value. You can play this with Archmage Arugal and draw six cards! Just a note, you only discard spells. You’ll still draw into things like Frost Lich Jaina and Aluneth.

That’s all we have for you this time. What card from The Witchwood do you think should be a crafting priority? Let us know in the comments.