Hearthstone - Overrated Cards from The Witchwood

It’s easy to get carried away in the hype of new card reveals. Now that all of the cards from Hearthstone’s The Witchwood expansion have been unveiled, there are a number of cards that fans are swearing will shake up the meta. We don’t entirely agree.

Here are some Witchwood cards that we think are dust traps. They may look shiny, but they probably aren’t worth your currency.

Cathedral Gargoyle

On its best day, this is a 2/2 creature for two mana with divine shield and taunt, which is pretty amazing. However, it requires you to have a dragon in your hand and there are no good dragons in Paladin right now. Many people have called this a Righteous Protector with +1/+1 stats. However, the Righteous Protector can be pulled out with Call to Arms and will keep its divine shield and taunt. If this gets pulled out with Call to Arms, it’s just a basic 2/2. Nothing too exciting here.

Face Collector

Random free legendaries! That’s amazing… right? Not necessarily.

Face Collector would be great in a control deck. Simply run your opponent out of threats and spam face collector along with something like Zola the Gorgon or Baleful Banker to keep churning out those legendaries. However, Rogue can’t really play control. It has no way to heal and no high damage AOE board clears. Now if Face Collector was printed in Priest, Mage, or Warrior, it would be broken strong, but as a Rogue card, it’s going to be overlooked.

Lady in White

Many people have called Lady in White a must craft for Priest, but they are overlooking a major problem with this card. First, you have to draw it. Then, after you draw it, it only affects cards in your deck. Yes, it turns random useless 0/9’s into 9/9 behemoths, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll just never draw the Lady and never get her bonus. In which case, your deck has to work without the Lady in White, which means somehow running a deck with high health and low attack minions that somehow works. There is only one deck that does this: Inner Fire Priest, but Inner Fire Priest also uses minions that need to be silenced in order to attack, which would negate the Lady in White’s buff! Not great.


It’s the new Loatheb, right?

No. Loatheb was a 5/5 for five mana that had Rebuke’s ability. If Rebuke is costed fairly, then Loatheb was essentially a neutral 5/5 for three mana that had an extra two mana effect stapled onto it. Considering “bundling” cards usually costs an extra mana, then the reason Loatheb was great was that it was disruption and board presence at the same time. Rebuke is just disruption. In order to be good you also have to build a board, which will be more difficult than it sounds.

Tess Greymane

Tess Greymane should be amazing. She’s another “replay all cards” ability, similar to Shutterwock and Yogg-Saron. Unfortunately, Tess has one problem. In a match against another Rogue she does nothing.

Literally nothing.

When decks include cards like this they build around them, usually positioning them as the deck’s win condition. No one will play a win-condition that sometimes does nothing. Against another Tess user, both Rogues will just flail at each other uselessly. It’s far more likely that you’ll run up against a Rogue playing a tempo or miracle build, in which case your Tess Greymane will get steamrolled.

Voodoo Doll

Everyone is saying Voodoo Doll is great because it’s neutral removal. While, yes, this is the case, actually killing your Voodoo Doll is harder than it seems. You can cast Voodoo Doll and then run it into an enemy minion next turn, but this just makes it a three mana Corruption which wasn’t played at one mana. You can play Voodoo Doll and ping it with the Mage hero power, but that just makes it five mana, equivalent to Assassinate which is not played.  Besides, Mage has Polymorph at one less mana, and it isn’t even played that often these days. Every other class in the game has some method of removal that costs less mana and is more reliable than Voodoo Doll. It’s only real use is to be put in Cubelock as a Defile enabler, and Cubelock already has too many good cards to consider.

Blink Fox

Blink Fox is another three mana 3/3 that gets you a card, and we have already said that cards that follow this model (like Curious Glimmerroot) are amazing. Unfortunately, Blink Fox is not amazing, because random cards from the opponent’s class aren’t that good. Traditionally, Rogue just hasn’t run cards get them random cards like this. Swashburglar was run because it summoned Patches, and Hallucination was run because it triggered Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Blink Fox doesn’t do either of these. It just gets you a random card, which could be useless.

Dollmaster Dorian

People are calling this the replacement for Barnes, but it doesn’t serve nearly the same purpose. First, you have to draw into cards to have Dollmaster Dorian copy them. This means you have to stack your deck full of minions who might not be good as 1/1 copies. Barnes could cheat out 1/1 copies of humongous minions like Y’Shaarj, which then cheated out further minions from your deck. However, Y’Shaarj is rotating out, so you can’t even shoot for this rare occurrence. Outside of the Lich King and Ysera, I’m not sure which minions you would want to make dolls of.

Earthen Might

Fans of this card are comparing it to Mark of Y’Shaarj, which is a fair comparison. However, I think these fans are forgetting what Mark of Y’Shaarj was used for. It only saw rare play and even then only in Token Druid, because Druid’s tokens were beasts. It’s not yet proven that an aggro Elemental Shaman build, similar to the Token Druid build, is viable. Even if it is, getting a random elemental in your hand is much worse than drawing a card.

Blazing Invocation

Blizzard has printed a ton of one mana discovery spells and they are rarely good. The only time they are run is if they do something else in addition to the discovery. For example, Rogue’s one mana discovery spells trigger Gadgetzan Auctioneeer. Warlock’s upcoming Dark Possession can kill Possessed Lackeys and upgrade Amethyst Spellstone. Blazing Invocation does nothing other than discover a card with a battlecry, and there are a lot of bad cards with battlecries.

What are some cards from The Witchwood that you think are overrated? Let us know in the comments.