Hearthstone – The best cards found in The Witchwood

All the cards of Hearthstone’s newest expansion, The Witchwood, have finally been revealed. Let’s take a look at what’s going to define the new meta.

Our list has a few rules. First, we only covered common and rare cards. If you want to know what the good epics and legendaries are, check our upcoming crafting guide. Second, we didn’t necessarily include cards based on how good they will immediately be. Rather, we also included cards that have the potential to be powerful as new expansions come out.

Bellringer Sentry

Hey look, it’s the return of Secret Paladin!

Bellringer Sentry Is powerful because he cheats out secrets at cheaper cost that Mysterious Challenger, his older brother from times past. Not only that, but he cheats out secrets on both battlecry and deathrattle, and since one of Paladin’s secrets can resurrect him from the dead, this will only cause him to cheat out yet more secrets! Maybe Secret Paladin isn’t going to be an archetype to beat right now, but as more secrets get printed, Bellringer Sentry is just going to get better and better. Not to mention, he’s already amazing in wild. Stick him in the existing Secret Paladin deck and watch your value grow.

Witchwood Grizzly

Any five mana minion with twelve health is bound to be powerful. Granted, Witchwood Grizzly loses health if your opponent has cards in hand, but that’s not really an issue. On average, you are looking at a five mana 3/7-ish creature if you just play him raw. If you cheat him out by, say, resurrecting him, he’s just that much better! Priest can even Inner Fire him to create a humongous taunted beat-stick. He’s also a beast, so Hunter and Druid can use their beast synergy cards on him. While he won’t see play in every constructed deck, he’s sure to be played around with and I’d bet, that he will become the centerpoint of some deck before his two years of standard play are up.


Backstab is awesome in Rogue. Now Shaman has an (arguably) better Backstab. Is this fair? No. Is the fact that this triggers overload synergies fair? No. Will this frustrate a bunch of people playing against Shaman for years to come? Yes. Nothing more needs to be said.

Wing Blast

Hunter loves trading minions. In fact, the only viable Hunter builds have been aggro, whose minions die a lot, or mid-range, whose minions die a lot. Only recently have we seen viable Spell Hunter builds. This card is pretty much always going to be a one mana spell for a four damage effect. We had a spell like that in Mage called Arcane Blast, and it was only a one-for-four when you had Spell Damage effects on the field. This spell is just better and will be run in basically every Hunter deck from now on.

Woodcutter’s Axe

When Fiery War Axe was nerfed, Warrior lost one of their strongest turn two plays. This completely took them out of meta relevance. Luckily, Woodcutter’s Axe is exactly what they need, a turn two weapon. Jade Claws, the other two mana 2/2 weapon in the game, saw a lot of play, usually on turn two when it just generated a 1/1 Jade Golem on battlecry. This has the same stats, doesn’t overload, and gives you 2/1 of value as long as you have a Rush minion in play. It has good stats and will likely be the backbone of any aggro or mid-range Warrior builds in the near future.

Black Cat

Black Cat might not be amazing right now because it’s uncertain if Mage has enough tools to make an odd only deck. However, Black Cat’s power level is kind of off the charts and given a few more expansions, it will likely be a mainstay in any odd mage build. A three mana 3/3 that draws you a card is valuable. Just look at Curious Glimmerroot, a card played in practically every Priest deck that does about the same thing. Curious Glimmerroot gave you a card from the opponent’s deck, while Black Cat allows you to draw a card, a better ability in terms of value. Plus, Black Cat comes with spell damage. It’s essentially a more efficient version of Azure Drake, a card that was so good it was banned from standard.

Bonfire Elemental

Elemental Mage looks like it’s going to be a very powerful deck in the new meta, and Bonfire Elemental is part of the reason why. Once again, this is a card that can be compared to Azure Drake and Curious Glimmerroot. Azure Drake was a five mana 4/4 that drew you a card but had spell damage. Bonfire Elemental trades in the spell damage for +1/+1 which is arguably better in Elemental Mage. Curious Glimmerroot was a three mana 3/3 that gave you a card from the opponent’s deck. This is a five mana 5/5 that gets you a card from your deck, which is better. I think we are going to see this played frequently in the new meta.

Curse of Weakness

Most Echo spells aren’t really worth their cost. In return for being able to cast them multiple times, they tend to be very expensive. On first glance, this seems to be the case with Curse of Weakness. It seems to just be a Pint Size Potion that costs twice as much. On second glance, however, Curse of Weakness keeps enemy minions debuffed until your NEXT turn. Not only does this mean that you can make a bunch of value trades on your turn, but it basically prevents the opponent from attacking you at all on the following turn. Remember, if you can reduce an enemy’s attack to zero, they are essentially frozen. This is a powerful control tool for Warlock, a tier 1 class. You’ll find that Warlock actually got quite a few new toys, despite its tier 1 position.

Dark Possession

Dark Possession isn’t powerful on its own but it’s definitely powerful in this meta. Why? Because it’s yet another tool that allows Warlock’s to kill their own Possessed Lackey. Not only does this mean you can sneak out Void Lords, but now you can discover more Void Lords! Heck, even if Warlock is in a tight space, they can still target their own face with Dark Possession to get something to quickly play on the field, while simultaneously powering up Amethyst Spellstone.

Dire Frenzy

For some reason Blizzard is pushing value Hunter builds in the new meta. I’m not entirely sure that will work, but I do know that Dire Frenzy is an amazing card. It essentially gives you 12/12 worth of value for 4 mana. The only issue is, you have to draw into the copies of the minion you buffed. However, this is simple to do, especially with Hunter’s ability to tutor low cost minions from your deck. You can also cast Dire Frenzy on legendary beasts to get extra copies of them. This is another one of those cards that will just get better as more beasts are made available to play with.

Those are our picks for the best commons and rares of the newest Hearthstone set. What are some of your favorite cards? Let us know in the comments.