Hearthstone’s first Warlock hero portrait will require a little legwork to unlock

Blizzard has announced the very first alternate hero portrait for Hearthstone’s Warlock class, but rather than charge money for the portrait, the studio is instead encouraging players to engage in some good old fashioned social interaction.

The portrait will feature an entirely original Hearthstone character, a female Gnome Warlock named Nemsy Necrofizzle. In order to unlock Nemsy, players will have to attend a Blizzard-sanctioned Fireside Brawl event between October 17 and November 5 and play at least one match while attending the event. Doing so will unlock both Nemsy and the exclusive ‘Fireside Friends’ card back (the Fireside Friends reward has been available ever since Fireside Brawls first started being held).

Dedicated Hearthstone players might recognize Nemsy as the little Gnome seen riding the Bog Creeper and Fen Creeper in the art for their respective minion cards. Nemsy has yet to appear in Warcraft lore outside of Hearthstone, but that likely won’t bother Warlock players who are eager to attach another hero besides the snarling Gul’Dan to their decks.