Harmonix taking on twin stick shooters with A City Sleeps

Harmonix has been keeping busy lately, between its Kickstarter-fueled revamp of Amplitude, its forthcoming Dance Central Spotlight and its Disney team-up with Fantasia: Music Evolved. And now there is another.

The team has recently announced A City Sleeps, a new twin-stick shooter produced by the same team that worked on the first-person Chroma project. The game features a Geometry Wars-like twin-stick shooter set-up, but has an involving story that focuses on Poe, a “dream exorcist” that can “enter the minds of sleeping hosts to rid their dreams of demons.”

The game features plenty of action, as you dodge bullets while striking back with a Heartstrings sword and faithful familiars fighting by your side. The soundtrack will tie in directly with the action, as spawning, movement and bullets will all chime in with the beat.

Currently, A City Sleeps is only slated for release on PC and Mac, and will arrive sometime this October via Steam. There’s no word yet on a console release. Interested parties can check the game out on the show floor at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend.

Check out the teaser trailer below: