Hands-on: myCharge AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter

Life in 2018, there’s always a moment or two where you’re desperately looking for a power outlet to charge up a phone or some other electronic device. Whether you’re in a restaurant, waiting in a doctor’s office, or trying to stay awake at the DMV, a lot of us need our phones for emergency or business purposes and when those charge bars start to die down, panic sets in.

The folks at myCharge are hoping to alleviate these tense moments with its AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter. We’ve been using the charger for about a month now and here’s what we think.

The AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter is one of myCharge’s largest battery banks on their roster and offers some of the highest outputs. It’s equipped with a 13400 battery capacity sporting two USB-A ports, a USB-C port and an AC port. There is a power button to turn on the charger and on/off button for the AC charging option. It also comes with a DC power adapter to recharge the bank.

Real world use

There isn’t anything too complicated about using the AdventureUltra, you power it on and plug in your devices. I easily fully charged my phone, a tablet, and some Bluetooth headphones, with plenty of charge left to charge them all fully again.

When it comes to laptops, however, the AdventureUltra is limited. If your device requires more than 45w to charge, the charger will power off. The only way I was able to charge my MSI GS60 laptop, is if it was turned off. The AdventureUltra charger would immediately shut down when I would power on my laptop. Smaller laptops, like 2-n-1, seemed to charge fine whether it was on or off.

Despite having to have my laptop turned off, the AdventureUltra did a decent job charging it up. I drained my laptop battery to about 10 percent. I plugged it in to the AdventureUltra and it charged it to about 82 percent after a couple of hours. Yes, it’s slow but if you’re somewhere where there aren’t any outlets, like an overseas flight or a long road trip, it comes in quite handy.

Speaking of traveling, the AdventureUltra comes in quite handy when you’re out and about at a festival a con, or some other event where power isn’t readily available. While you can’t stick the power bank in your pocket, it wouldn’t take up too much space in a backpack or messenger bag. The only problem I had is when the charger moved around in my bag, some other item in my bag was liable to press a button to turn the bank off. The buttons are pretty sensitive and if you’re not paying attention, the AdventureUltra could easily be turned off.

Overall, at $129, the AdventureUltra is a handy power bank with lots of charge. However, if all you walk around with is a mobile phone, this is a charger that really isn’t necessary. The device is mostly useful for people who travel with a number electronic devices, which is a lot of people nowadays.