Hands-On: LucidSound LC-30 Headset

At CES, a buddy said I had check out the LucidSound LC-30 headphones. Since I’m a headphone geek, off I went to find this new company.

lucidsound lc-30 review ces 2016

First, LucidSound is a new headphone brand from some experienced players in the gaming headphone arena. These aren't cheap knockoffs, they're pretty interesting tech made for a new kind of gamer -- the one who wants to actually be seen wearing the headphones out in public. If you've seen a lot of modern gamer headphones, they're usually USB, making mobility an issue, with Tron styling.

LucidSound went the opposite direction, all leatherette and expensive curves. I dig it. Since their first product, the LS-30, is a gamer/casual hybrid, it comes with a separate boom mic, USB dongle with optical port and more.

However, the biggest feature that will put these guys on the map: giant ring on the sides. And the big button. Basically, everything on the earcups is part of the controls. On the left side, you just tap the shiny steel area to control mute. Turn the ring around the earpiece and that controls volume. Right side ring controls teammate volume and other features.

Seriously, this is probably the most intuitive volume control setup ever. I’m in love.

lucidsound lc-30 review ces 2016

There's so many features, it's hard to go into them all now, other than to say they're wireless through optical with battery power inside. You can also just plug a straight mini jack in for headphone listening. If you take out the boom mic, there’s a second integrated mic for walking/talking duty.

My listening test consisted of cranking a few tunes on my phone through the 3.5mm mini jack. Done that way, you don't get volume control through the big knob. But you do get some monster sound.

Overall, the sound was really excellent, a lot of bass, but bass done right. This is completely different than, say, Razer or Beats. But also heavier in the bass than classic cans like Sennheiser. I listen to a lot of indie, EDM and rock and these sounded great. If you're into jazz or classical, they might not be the best sonic fit for you and the overall EQ isn't flat by any means, but thankfully tailored to the modern music and gamer's sound style.

Overall, for $150, I think the LucidSound LC-30 headphones will be a ht. A full review is coming in the future so stay tuned. Otherwise, check out LucidSound, I really like the direction they’re going.