Halo, Destiny composer, Marty O'Donnell, wins huge court case against Bungie

The story of Marty O'Donnell at Bungie, the composer behind the Halo and Destiny games, isn't a pretty one. He was suddenly let go from the company some time ago for undisclosed reasons. That led to him filing a lawsuit against his former employer – a case that he has managed to win.

Even though previous settlements were reached over the termination, this case enables him to receive $142,500 from a profit-sharing program, according to Engadget. In addition, he also regains a "considerable" amount of stock in the company.

A lot of the controversy stemmed from O'Donnell finishing Destiny's soundtrack early, only for Activision not to release it separately – unlike the weird Paul McCartney single that was produced for the game. That wasn't the case with previous soundtracks done by him, as the Halo soundtracks made the rounds outside the games' realms to build promotion. A replacement of his tunes in an E3 2013 trailer left him upset, to say the least, and that's kind of where the rift began.

As a result of the suit, O'Donnell is not able to use any of his music from Destiny without Bungie's say-so – but he's certainly pleased with the payout and stock, we're sure. And besides, he also has another side gig, working with a new studio Highwire Games on an undisclosed project.

This lawsuit certainly won't stop The Taken King's momentum, though. That expansion is still yet to drop on September 15 for all consoles.