Halloween-themed DLC is coming to Street Fighter V

Capcom has announced the coming of some spooky new content for Street Fighter V to celebrate this month’s Halloween holiday.

According to this new update on the Capcom Unity blog, the Halloween-themed content includes new costumes for Ryu, Vega, Charlie, Cammy, Juri, Necali, and Alex, as well as a special Halloween-themed version of the game’s Russia stage. The Halloween Russia stage comes complete with jack-o-lanterns, zombie Cossack dancers, and even cameo appearances from Street Fighter III’s Necro and Effie.

Both the Halloween-themed stage and costumes will only be available from October 11 to November 29. If you want to grab them for yourself, each costume will cost you $3.99 while the stage will set you back $1.99 (the stage can also be bought for 40,000 Fight Money).