Gun Media offers update on Friday the 13th single-player mode

Currently, Gun Media’s recently released horror title Friday the 13th: The Game only contains a competitive multiplayer mode in which one player (controlling Jason Voorhees) must hunt down and kill a group of other players (controlling camp counselors) before they can escape. However, a single-player mode is in the works, and now Gun Media has provided an update on how that mode is coming along.

In a recent statement to GameSpot, Gun Media said that the first priority is making sure all of Friday the 13th’s glaring issues get fixed, issues which include an ongoing memory leak that is plaguing the Xbox One version of the game. However, Gun Media is also still making time to work on the single-player campaign, and it promises more info on the new mode will be available soon:

"Our primary concern has remained the persistent memory leak, which is an issue that has been most prevalent on Xbox One. This leak, as of most recent tests, is looking contained and we are very confident in a fix thanks to a tremendous effort from Illfonic and 3rd party support.

Thankfully, due to the huge amount of support we've received from fans, our team has been able to expand work on future content to coincide with our focus on fixing performance issues. We are incredibly excited to share news very soon, including more on the upcoming single-player mode that will be available at no additional charge."

What exactly the single-player mode for Friday the 13th: The Game will look like when it does arrive remains to be seen, but fans are speculating it will allow players to control Jason in a number of different scenarios based off the Friday the 13th films. Hopefully, those same fans won’t have to wait much longer to know for sure.