Google Stadia acquires developer Typhoon Studios

Although Google Stadia experienced a rocky launch last month, Google continues to push through and invest in its new gaming platform. One of those investments is in first-party games.

Jade Raymond, VP and Head of Stadia Games & Entertainment, announced the acquisition of Typhoon Studios, the 27-person game development studio behind the upcoming title, Journey to the Savage Planet.

“We’re always looking for people who share our passion and vision for the future of gaming, which is why I’m so excited that Typhoon Studios, the independent developers behind the upcoming Journey to the Savage Planet, is joining Stadia Games and Entertainment,” Raymond said in a blog post. “Under the leadership of its co-founders, Reid Schneider & Alex Hutchinson, Typhoon Studios has built an incredible team of industry veterans who are committed to the player experience. The Typhoon team will be joining our first Stadia Games and Entertainment studio that is based in Montreal and led by Sébastien Puel.”

While Journey to the Savage Planet will still launch on January 28 for all platforms, Typhoon Studios will focus on being integrated into the Stadia team to work on future games for the platform.